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It’s Perky Chicks and Roundhouse Kicks when the girls of Cheerleader Karate School burst on to the scene to save us from any and all evil.

See how the story begins Jan. 2017 from this Denton, TX produced series created by Bj Lewis and Taurian Films!

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First off, Merry Christmas to all the folks out there in the Inter Webs and beyond. Hopefully you are not permanently scarred from Black Friday and the shopping since then. And my prayers are with those last minute shoppers braving the aisles on Christmas Eve. Full disclosure, I am glad it’s not me.

Now on to other business like…..

Boom! New Dial-A-Ranger for the masses. Here we get our first introduction  to a new Ranger. But will he be friend or foe for our hero, Stan Gerbil? We shall see.

I tapped fellow Mighty Morphin Texas Ranger member Alonzo Hunter for the role of the SPD Red Ranger. He has some fun scenes ahead and it’s always good to get more spandex on the show so people just aren’t looking at Stan the entire time. There has been some season 2 chatter already about bringing in the MMPR Pink Ranger and perhaps some Kanen Riders to battle our Ranger heroes. That’s right,  the throwdown all fans have demand, Power Rangers v Kamen Rider. Who will come out on top and just how hilarious will it be?

Photoweb comics. I have seen them before but didn’t think all that much of them. Recently I got into searching for super heroes in the public domain and got lost in the ton of characters there are as well as the interesting stories on how Marvel and DC Comics have snatched up some of the characters or just pulled everything they can, powers, personlity, origin, from the characters to make their own.

I had been looking at those to possibly try to bring in some real world type of heroes to Party Girl in the season 2 two parter I planned. I originally was going to use a super team I crafted back in high school and one that I still like and plan to do a web series on, but I didn’t know if Party Girl was the right setting for them so I thought of changing it up. Still thinking over that as I make a list  of some of the heroes that I like. Not sure how I made the jump to photo Webcomics, but I did, stumbling upon and a couple others. It was an interesting read and made me wonder about trying it myself. I am all for traditional comics for print and still trying to lock down an artist for the Hard Target B*tch graphi novel project with AnFFv photowebcomicnie Cruz, but you can be a little different when it comes to web content and different can be photo web comics. Not to mention I can tell some of the stories I have in my head without having to shelve them for years becuase I can’t afford an artist to draw them for me and my skills with a pencil suck beyond stick figures.

I script it like a regular comic book and instead of having an artist draw the panels I take the still pics and work some photoshop magic to make them into comic book looking pics. I have been playing around with it the last couple days, well Steph and I both have been, testing different looks. They range from slightly cartoony to over the top saturated with cartoony filters and what not.

Still trying to find the one that works the best or at leas that I like the best. Cost for this would really be in the costumes for the characters. Photoshop could help with SFX and environmental damage to city blocks and such during the fights. Or I was thinking of mixing traditional line art for the background and environments with the photos. I will have to do some tests to see how that looks.

As I am writing Party Girl I know there’s stories I would like to tell but won’t be able to within the 13 episode first season I have planned. But I can make them into web comics. Another Web series I follow, Heroes of the North, they have the regular Web series, but they also do web comics (traditional line art) that tie into the overall story canon. It’s a way to give people more content and engage them in different ways and I am all for that and keeping things interesting for the story.

I think there will be at least three web comics for Party Girl. One will feature the rise of the Rose Sisters, another will shed some light onto Det. Yvette Brenson and another will be a fun short story featuring Party Girl battling another villain.

Should be fun. Also working on another possible photoweb comic series. Just have to find people to star as the characters in said photo comic. I imagine I will find no shortage of people though. Not sure it would be something for the traditional acting/modeling community, but it might. And cosplayers, I can get them in on it to.

A lot of it is in thought right now, with fun possibilities I think.

Another Web page entry I found has links to a few other photo web comics. Check it.