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Yep, it’s going down.

The gauntlet is being thrown, the die are being cast and it’s time to unleash Party Girl on the masses.

It’s been months of hard work for the people involved, years of developing it for me and now, people get to see it all together.

I must admit it is exciting as much as it is a bit unnerving. Not in a bad way, but just wondering what people will say, if things will come across as I intend them to..

The screening will be at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff, March 10 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

I knew ever since I had an entry for the 48hr Film Challenge screened at that theatre that I wanted to do it again. Something specifically focused on my work. And I told my actors early on I wanted to have the first episode at least on the big screen. For the cool factor and for all the work that has gone into it, I believe it deserves that kind of spotlight and recognition for those involved.

The clock is ticking on the day.

I am ready for it to get here and ready to see where Party Girl goes from here.

Just making sure everyone is caught up with what they can see from the Party Girl web series so far as we gear up for the premiere in January!!! (Film Break project page)



Brand new Dial-A-Ranger. As Stan’s story continues he has finally received a package, but is it the one he has been waiting for? Or something for more sinister?

Check it!

The Mighty Morphin Texas Rangers @ Jason David Frank’s Rising Sun Karate in Pearland, TX

It was a fun episode to do as all of them are. This past weekend Seth Jones (Stan) went to Houston along with several other Mighty Morphin Texas Rangers fan group members to be a part of the grand opening of a new dojo from Jason David Frank, legendary Power Rangers actor. Knowing that was coming up I took the opportunity to plot out a DAR episode that could incorporate other suited people and pulled some of the other Texas Rangers with video experience and gear into the mix.  I knew it was going to be a unique challenge, coordinating something from far away, but from what I have been told, things went well. Big ups to Kevin and Carlos for making it happen. I am awaiting the footage from the guys. It takes place in a later episode, but I will probably start stitching it together as soon as I get it.

On the Web site front, we switched to recently to have a more official site rather than just a blog but we are still having problems getting it published. The price of doing things yourself I suppose. We could pay someone to do it, yes, but that takes budget we don’t have and we can put up something fairly serviceable ourselves I like to think. I have put up several pages before, I am not sure what the hangup is with these guys. Danica Patrick commercials aside, I am not very happy so far with them.

On the Insourcing front, we have a few shoots left as I have mentioned before, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up kind of throws a monkey wrench into planned shoots given the holidays and people spending time with family or working overtime for that Christmas money and things like that. I am confident we will be able to eek out a shooting weekend sooner than later though.

On the graphic novel front, we are waiting on samples against from another artist. Hoping things work out with someone soon. I will admit I did not think it would take this long to find an artist. I was hoping to have several pages done at this point in time, but I have to get the artist that will really work, or what is the point right? So patience will have to continue. Looking to get back to Cali still in March or so for a photoshoot with Annie Cruz as the title character and to set up a Kickstarter for the book and the film at some point in 2013.

Arranging auditions for Party Girl continues. Having to move some things around due to some obligations both family and wrestling related that have popped up recently and need to be tended to. Still confident (aren’t we always) that things will get done and casted before January when I would like to begin shooting. Looking to jump up from the T3i we use to a 5D Mark ii. Sure the Mark iii is the shiny new toy, but the Mark ii can still be a workhorse that gets the job done and I’d sooner spend the cash on two Mark ii bodies and a new lens than one Mark iii and a kit lens. That’s just me.

Continuing to be productive as we near the close of 2012 and looking to make 2013 very big and very successful in all Taurian Films projects.

So I shot a film and now people have seen it.

“Cracking the Case” was the very last film of the 48hr film fest screening last night at the Texas Theatre. It was an interesting experience. A bit nervewracking as well.

 There were some phenomenal work done on those films, admittedly some head scratchers too. There were some people whose path’s I have crossed while trying to get other projects off the ground and lots of people I don’t know who I hope to get to know as I make more films.

 As for the films….“Killin’ Time” was especially awesome. Hats off to the guys who worked on that. The cinematography and editing was epic. I am curious to know what it was shot on and edited with,

Audio issues hampered some of the films, so it will be good to go back and watch some of them on youtube to hear them better.

I shall have to find out.

I was on pins and needles as the films came and went, wondering what people would say about the Team Chaos endeavor. Cast was there, family of mine, co-workers….pressure…

When ours finally came up….good times…until…the audio was off. God I wanted to scream and yell at the screen. It took them a few minutes of to get it fixed and reset so people saw some of the stuff but had no audio to get the context…grr…I know technical difficulties happen so it’s just something I will have to deal with.

They got it redone and the film played. It got some laughs here and there, which was good. We laughed a bit more than the rest. I was hoping they would pop more, but I don’t know if it was the fatigue, the audio mess up in the beginning, or what.

I hope at least a few people liked it. Even if the cut they saw will not be the finished product. The director’s cut is coming.

Likely not Saturday as I had previously stated because I need to get with Greg and Justin about reshooting the car scene. I am hoping to get that ASAP.

It helped to see it on screen though to see how it plays to an audience and how I can better fix the next edit.

All in all a fun experience I am grateful to have and appreciative of the efforts of the cast and crew of “Cracking the Case” and hope to work with them again soon.