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Legacy cast on set Sunday.

It’s another Taurian Tuesday coming off of a busy Sunday helping Fred Tee out with his short, Legacy, that features fairy tale characters as demon hunters. It was a fun shoot and fun getting to work on other people’s sets to see how they run things and handle themselves and their actors to pick up any pointers for mine.

Tiffany Hoa on set

Some cast members were people I have worked with before like the always amazing Mike Loud, and others I have seen a lot of but haven’t worked with yet like John Charles Dickson. It was a good time though that saw me in a tree to get a shot. Whatever it takes to get the job done I say. Ideally everything works out in post. We got in a bit of a time crunch a couple places being backed up against call times for some actors on other sets and dying camera batteries toward the end of the day, but things worked out. Definitely dig the concept of what Fred is doing and hopefully it can take off.

Perky Chicks and Roundhouse Kicks!

Cheeerleader Karate School
On the subject of demon hunting, which is one thing CKS is about it was good to get a chance to talk to Tiffany Hoa, who played a witch in Fred’s short film. Tiffany is also slated to play a role in CKS. In our original plan for the series, she was going to play one of the past cheer team members who comes back for reasons. In the feature she will play the same role and in the same capacity but we will see her before she comes back in the last battle that is the reason the team is disbanded at the start of the film. CKS is still on Amazon, Youtube and now on Sparkk TV for people to check out and see what the concept is about as we work to retool it a bit.

20 Minutes or Less
We’re casting for 20 Minutes or Less as we retool that series. The first of the trilogy is set to shoot May 21 at what we have affectionately come to know as Mabrey Studios. It’s the home of the Mabrey family. Jenni Mabrey of course known to us as Evelyn Buchanan in the Party Girl series. Jenni opened up her home to us last time for the shoot and is willing to do so again which is awesome. But she is an awesome individual and talented actress, so it’s natural for her.

Cait Pool as Season 2’s Party Girl.

Party Girl / Rave
Speaking of Evelyn Buchanan, Jenni will be dusting her off for a short film that will time jump Party Girl from where she is in the season two finale to a handful of years later. We’re looking for the older Rachel now. It will be a nice and tidy short that will set us up for anything we may way to do storywise as in live action form, I wouldn’t want to do high school PG without Cait Pool involved. I suppose I guess unless we got a lot of money to produce more. Folks who have not seen Party Girl can catch it on youtube (of course) as well as Sparkk TV, a site that aggregates web series for people to discover and view. Also the first season of PG is on BlackFlag.TV with episodes playing daily. Working on getting the second season on there. For more info on Rave folks can email or give a like to

In the Hopper
Plenty of projects are in the hopper. A few of them, HTB and Get In will star Annie Cruz in lead roles. We are determined to do and finish Insourcing. We had contemplated a gender swap just to be different since it had not worked in three incarnations with the roles as guys so we wanted to change it up and see what would happen, but things fell through with the actress we planned to take the lead with it. So we retool and we move on. Too many ideas to do and no desire to let the action or more importantly the inaction of others deter from our goals. It’s a grind and that’s OK we will continue to do so, learn, get better and will get to the top.


Perky Chicks and Roundhouse Kicks!

More shooting was done on the pilot episode for Cheerleader Karate School this weekend. Boyd High School in Boyd, TX was nice enough to open their doors to us as they have done over and over again every time Bj has needed a school setting to shoot in. The school was an option many times for Party Girl: The Series and for A Typical Tuesday in the past and the school was an option again for CKS.

Pilot Pic 2

Keegan (Summer Dobozy) relays her surprise at the girls fighting to Brice (Christine Rejcek).

A lot was put on the filming plate for Bj and the cast and crew. Boyd is a haul for some so he was hoping to get everything done in that one day so no one would have to be asked back. One the scenes are edited together, we will see if Bj managed to accomplish that goal. Everyone brought their A game as they always do, particularly in a fight between a couple of the main actors, Gabriella Corvina who plays Fi Espinoza and Timylle Adams who plays Tyesha Banks. The two of them have a lot of animosity between them. (Their characters, of course. The actors get along fine) The two of them have played them very well and you can feel that tension between them on screen we believe.

It’s just on Bj to make sure everyone looks their best and he hopes he succeeded. That is one thing that is important to Bj, that people look their best and that they are able to be proud of their participation in any project of his. The stakes get no higher for CKS because Bj is hoping to be able to raise funds for the show and be able to make it bigger and better than he ever could on his own and of course, increase the compensation for those involved.


Make up testing for an upcoming shoot.

Earlier on Sunday Bj met with Maddy Cerda (The First) and special effects make up artist for a handful of season one episodes. On hand was Jo Lorio, an actress and martial artist as well. Jo is going to help with fight choreography for a number of season one episodes and she is playing the monster the team is pursuing in the opening moments of the teaser portion of the pilot. Maddy is in school for make up and alongside being a kick ass actress who is all in on her role, Maddy is a great SFX MUA on the rise and the entire production team is happy she is lending her talents to CKS behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Pilot Pic

Mark (Fabian XIV) tries his best but there is a lot of rage in Tyesha (Timylle Adams).

We have been dutifully telling people to tell their friends, family and others who may be interested to mark those calendars as the crowdfunding campaign for CKS will kick run Sept, 12 – Oct. 14, 2016 through and their New Voices Crowdfunding Rally.

As noted in previous blog entries, the New Voices Rally is part crowdfunding, part competition as we would have to raise at least $10,000 and gather an audience of at least 500 on Seed&Spark to move to the next part. That next part will potentially be able to help us finish the first season, outside of us raising the funds ourselves. $10K would cover the first 3 episodes of the show. 


The look on the face of Fi (Gabriella Corvina) says things are about to get rowdy.


Bj continues to work on lining up indie/geek media outlets on their social media pages to line up Bj and the cast/crew for interviews and such to help get the word out. That will be the big thing. The more people that know about CKS the better chance we have of hooking more fans and making our goals happen. Likes have been slowly creeping up on the Facebook page. Hopefully we can increase that in the coming weeks with T-shirts and promotional flyers, posters and cards. Boots on the ground, grassroots effort is going to win the day. We know there are people out there who will be interested in the show, just a matter of reaching them.



Getting back on the release horse for the second season of Party Girl: The Series.

Check the latest episode!

One step closer to the season one finale! Check it out! Like it! Share it! Help us spread the word!

DENTON – Another chapter in the ongoing super hero web series, Party Girl, has hit the web!

The series, written, filmed, edited and produced by Bj Lewis and his group, Taurian Films, continues the story of Rachel Buchanan and her masked crime fighting journey.

Chapter IX, “Into the Darch-ness” continues to feature great Texas talent in front of the camera including Jeanne Lampley in the title role of Party Girl, Giovannie Cruz as Red Rose, Caden Blevins as Darchart, Ada Perez as Connie Lopez and DJ Economou as Edward Buchanan, Rachel’s father.

This episode, which can be found on the Facebook page for the show or the official site,, finds Party Girl running afoul of a vigilante from a neighboring city.

“Super hero team ups have to happen. They just do. So I was excited to include one of my own in Party Girl,” Lewis said of the episode. “I think Jeanne and Caden had a nice chemistry with each other and that translated to the onscreen interaction between Party Girl and Darchart.”

Filming the episode was a massive effort as all of them have been for Lewis and the crew.  The episodes were shot over the course of 2013 in and around Denton, Aubrey, Boyd, Lewisville and Carrollton. 

“It was pretty cold when we filmed the warehouse scenes for this episode. The building was an icebox, had to be about 50-something in there. But everyone stuck it out and brought everything they could to their roles.”

Lewis said it is a testament to the talent he has been blessed to work with on this project.

He noted this episode as well as all of them have some quirks due to time and money constraints.

“I say money like we actually have some. This has been a little to no budget production from the word go and I have been running it as mostly a one man band. Not that I regret any of that,” Lewis said. “And I have picked up great crew help along the way.”

The goal now and continually, Lewis said is to get the show out in front of people.

“To show the work of these talented actors and hopefully someone will come along and say ‘wow, look what these guys did with only a few dollars. Let me help them out and see what they can really do. That’s the goal.”

Lewis and company are currently filming season two of Party Girl.

Media inquiries can be made through

The newest chapter of the Party Girl Web Series is live and can be seen below.

We are sprinting through the rest of season one and closer to the first look at season two which will be at FenCon XI in Dallas this year.

Also, look for the Party Girl Web Series to make an appearance at the 3rd Annual Lake Charles Film and Music Festival, Oct. 10-12 in Lake Charles, LA!

When Rachel tries to help her sister, Michelle, with a story about a thief visiting Pyramid City she gets much more than she bargained for.

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter V  (Close Captioned for deaf/hearing impaired)
Chapter VI

For more information on the show check out the Facebook, or Official Web Site

Any feedback of any kind feel free to comment below or e-mail

Like the vid and share it with friends, family, everyone, let’s get everyone talking about Party Girl!

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(Behind the Scenes shananigans) is live.

Simply put that is great long awaited news. After plenty of starts and stops and false hope we finally have our site working through

There’s not a ton of bells and whistles and flash and all that fancy stuff, but we don’t need it right now. We just need a nice smooth way to deliver our content to people and that’s what we have and we’re pretty darn thrilled about that fact.

The site is Party Girl dominated right now, but there will be information other projects Taurian Films is developing including other web series projects and the feature film project, HTB, starring Annie Cruz and to be produced under the Jigsaw Entertainment umbrella of Bj Lewis and Jermaine Spencer.

The site will be moving and changing and evolving as we figure the best ways and means and content to display on the site.

Take a few minutes and check it out…actually…take 17 minutes and check out Chapter V of Party Girl while you are there.