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Met some folks this past weekend.

MTF on setThose folks were the cast members of Fred Tee’s newest project, Meeting the Folks, it’s a no frills boyfriend meets family type of film. The cast is a talented bunch who are bringing unique takes to their roles and bringing some hard work. There have some been a technical hiccup or two, as with any sort of production. As we continue I will be looking at what I can do to better my contribution to the filming.

Production should be done by November. A goal Fred has to have a trailer ready by the time of the premiere of another film of his, Stolen Virginity. The distributor for that film will be in attendance so ideally the work we are doing on Meeting the Folks will dazzle him enough to want to pick up that film as well.

MTF On Set 4Work will continue, more info, stills, BTS video to come. Fred has been active on his IG and FB posting about his projects so give him a follow and you will see it and keep a look out for Meeting the Folks.

On a couple other fronts, we have a potential office spot for a comedy we will be filming with Mike Loud, Allan Thomas and Glenn Franklin. I have railed against any attempt to do another web series at this point in time, but this comedy would be a series. Of course, there is no action, SFX or any of that. It’s three guys and an office space. Meant to be simple. Of course, I have tried to accomplish this simple task four times before and each time has crashed and burned. But fifth time is the charm right? I believe in the script, the comedy, written by Billy Mau, it’s going to be great especially with the talent involved.

We continue to submit Shrinking Things to festivals, hoping it can be accepted to a few of them and get exposure for the talent involved as they are amazing actors and they should be seen far and wide.

Mike Loud on Set

Mike Loud getting ready to rock it.

Slowly but surely gathering people and resources for the slasher spoof short film we are doing. More details on that to come once we have the title registered.

Rave is still coming. It’s pretty much either the slasher film of Rave in the month of


Alicia Underwood cast as future Rachel Buchanan.

November, we will see with people schedules for those involved, which is the best to proceed with. Of course Rave is a continuation of the Party Girl Series story that will find Rachel Buchanan five years older with thoughts of returning to a mask she has not worn since her sister was killed in season two and the events of season three. Of course the events of season three have not been seen yet, but will take place in an audio drama that will be produced in a handful of months. Currently cast as Rachel is the incomparable Alicia Underwood, and we are excited to work with her.


So go check it out!

Check it!

So a few months ago, back on Free Comic Book Day, Bj and Cait sat down with the Sci Fi Maker podcast to talk about Party Girl, the story and some behind the scenes topics on what it takes to bring the series to life.

It took a bit of time, but now it’s online at this LINK.

Thanks to those guys for the support!

Check out the season two playlist!




Constant promotion of your projects is the only way people are going to pay attention to it. With so many things out there competing for attention (I’m blogging this as I play with my dog , contemplate breakfast and fire up my PS4) you have to do what you can, everything you can to get out in front of people and show them that your content (whatever it may be) is worth taking the time out to see.

So it is with that intent that I joined the Dallas-based Twisted Fiction Radio show Tuesday night.

It was a good time and good chance to talk about things I have going on including Party Girl: The Series, HTB, Crapshoot and our Suicide Squad: A Typical Tuesday fanfilm and ideally people came away with some curiosity to check out what we here at Taurian Films have going on.

You can check out the show at –>

Get caught up with the latest Party Girl: The Series episode.

Our Suicide Squad fanfilm teaser.