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Has it been that long since I blogged? Apparently. Not good. Will make sure I update more as we have plenty of things going on with Insourcing and Party Girl, but I will get to those later today. For the moment it’s time to get people caught up with Dial-A-Ranger and the season finale!


Be on the look out for season two in a few months!

It’s Monday, so if you haven’t checked it by now, and looking at the views we can see many people haven’t, a new episode of Dial-A-Ranger has been posted featuring the first meeting between our hero Stan Gerbil and the new hotshot Sity Patrol Delta Red Ranger. It’s the first of a handful of appearances SPD Red Ranger makes on the show, his storyline continuing into season 2. Good stuff. And of course in addition to episode 9 we always encourage people to check out the previously released Season 1 episodes.

In other work from the weekend, we shot episode 13 of Insourcing. The rough cut of it looks nice. We have three more episodes to do and a couple pickups. Two of them should be handled this weekend.

I am aiming for a Valentine’s Day release for the first episode and then they will drop weekly after that. And then we will go into promotion mode pimping the hell out of the show and hoping people will take some time out and watch it and have a few laughs with us. It’s been good work by all involved and many many people need to see it.

On the Party Girl front, I have been confirming more folks for the planned table read on the 19th. While I won’t have every single person who appears in the show there, the main players will be so people can at least meet and greet and see who they will be working with. Plus I can get a sneak peak of how the elements of this mix with each other. I am quite geeked for it.

Also this week I should be taking a peek inside the closet of Giovannie Cruz to see what outfits she already has on hand that will fit the mold of White Rose and Red Rose. Also planning on meeting with Whitney Bangerter and her husband as the latter’s line of work has granted him a warehouse space that we should be able to use, just have to peep it for myself and see what episodes we can use it for.

Lot’s of work ahead but good times with it.

Other than that, more shooting schedule work tonight. Just lining up the pieces and seeing how we can get this project done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Yep, there is a new episode of Dial-A-Ranger. I have had it cut together for over a week now, and had to wait to put it up on the regular Sunday release schedule for the show. It was a combined effort of myself and members of the Mighty Morphin Texas Rangers Facebook group. It was through that group that I met Seth Jones (Stan Gerbil).

Once I started doing Dial-A-Ranger I wanted to figure a way to use the gathering of other people in Ranger costumes in an episode and crafted the story for the Mid-Season Premiere Return Event episode. It turned out well I think. Peter and Kevin brought the thunder of comedy to their parts, and Kevin and Carlos were essential in pulling this off with the footage they provided. It was a collaboration I hope to see more of from this group.

Spent a few hours Sunday shooting footage for the second half of the first season featuring Alonzo Hunter as another costumed Ranger and Bunny Killer Ent.’s Jason Matthew Terry helping out on screen as well. Took longer than expected, but I like how things turned out. We have another day of shooting and we will be wrapped up for that and then I can relax and put them out to the interwebs and then once we go into hiatus we can start working on Season 2.

Hoping to get another Insourcing shoot in the books this weekend and I can start releasing those in the new year, bringing 15 straight weeks of funny stuff from Taurian Films.

And then on into Party Girl filming, which I of course can’t wait for. A full cast update will hit this blog in the coming weeks, trying to tie up a few loose ends this week.

Having to say no to some people who are going for certain roles.

It’s been a fortunate thing to have people interested in working on Party Girl and on top of that very talented folks who want to work on this series and contribute to how amazing it will be. I could be a little biased in thinking that, but it’s OK. The last couple weeks I have had lots of actors come through the door and been pleased with all of them. I am confident I will get to work with them in some capacity throughout this series as there will be a lot of work to do and a lot of roles needed.

I also found this wasn’t the best time to be casting coming off Thanksgiving and barreling toward Christmas. People have family obligations, shopping to do, students in college and high school both have finals they are spending all their time studying for, crazy busy times.

Shout out to Whitney Bangerter, Victoria Sawyer, Chris Goddard, Stephen Wheeler, Cassandra Chandler, Alexis Johnson, Marissa Lopez, Jason Jaster, Tyrone Freeman, Natalie Williams and D.J. Economou for taking the time out of their day to audition this past weekend.

I have already started putting out some roles that have been cast and will continue over the next several days and get deeper into making the shooting schedule and a little over a month from now be shooting Party Girl.

Of course those are my plans. The best laid schemes of mice and men and all that.

Can’t wait to get going though. I have a grand feeling about this project and the story and how epic it will be.


And as another plug, if you haven’t seen the teaser to the mid-season premiere episode of Dial-A-Ranger, check it here!

Also, I figure I’d start to spotlight things I see from fellow creators and filmmakers. I came across this trailer earlier today and thought you guys should check it out as well.

So other shows have mid-season finales, so why not Dial-A-Ranger. I don’t know when it became chic to have these ‘finales.’ Maybe it’s a way for them to stretch out the show and compensate for putting out fewer episodes per season? Everyone is cutting costs so maybe that’s just another way for them to do so. Well with Dial-A-Ranger, we don’t have to worry about costs of any kind, but we still wanted to put out a mid-season finale anyway!!

This episode finds Stan, knee deep in Dial-A-Ranger but now questioning if it is indeed the right path for him to follow. What will he decide? Will you learn it here in the mid-season finale or will you have to wait until the mid-season premiere!! (see what I did there?)

It’s Sunday, so it’s a new episode of this fun series, so check it out! Like it! Share it! Tweet it! RT it!