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So….if you are reading this blog then it means we are still here.

We are all still here.

I mean, that’s a relief. Why wouldn’t we be here? Well surely due to the apocalypse that happened Sunday when the 13th Doctor was announced and it was Broadchurch’s Jodie Whittaker who will take the mantle from the departing Peter Capaldi. Yep. A woman. A female Doctor. This isn’t fanfiction or a fanfilm (and I read and watch lots of fan stuff I love it). That is no longer the only way to see a woman Doc. It’s happening. Sure there have been female Time Lords, a female Master, but the first woman Doctor. I’m excited. jodie-whittaker-doctor-who

I make no bones about being liberal as fuck. I am all about equality in every way and for the shows I watch. Particularly for a show that made a point to show how the title character can literally be young or old, black, white, whatever. He’s been a white guy for 52 years, I think the character can stand to be a woman or a person of color at this point.

Of course lots of people’s heads exploded Sunday with the news and we got the usual reactions like “what else are we going to reboot with a woman?” and dumb questions like that. Or the usual people swearing off watching the show. It’s been curious to me to see women railing against the change. One woman in a geek group I am in said she would have a hard time seeing a woman in a classically male role. I told her that in the time the character was conceived, no woman or POC would ever have been considered for a role like that. And again, it’s been said the Doctor can be any gender or color, so why not?

I’ve seen reaction videos with little girls reacting with positivity and energy at the Doctor being a girl. I hope Whitakker has a great run and that this move opens the door for a black Doctor sooner than later. People want to see characters that look like them, nothing really wrong with that.

It sucks to have Whittaker have to tell fans to ‘not be afraid of my gender’ when taking on the role, that we have to deal with this sort of thing these days. But racism, sexism, those are eternal things I am afraid. I can’t wait to see the regeneration and her take on the Doctor. Hell my biggest concern is the showrunner. I was bored to death by episode two of Broadchurch so I worry about what he will do with Who. But I was told the guy did some Torchwood, so that gives me some hope that he can dabble in this universe. Of course I didn’t like the first season of Torchwood as I thought it was needlessly oversexed just because they were in a time slot they could get away with it. It’s like Suits on USA and their habit of saying ‘shit’ every five minutes because they can.

We have a long time to see how this will go, but it’s a long time for people to step off the ledge and stop being stupid about having a woman as the 13th Doctor.