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OK, well not really but we did turn in our entry into this round of Rack Focus, Shrinking Things. Now there’s a couple things with it. Bj edited the Rack Focus cut of the short in place of his brother Jermaine who had some things come up to where he would not be able to. Now Jermaine will cut the final cut of the film which will actually be 2.5. minutes longer than the Rack Focus cut which had to be 10 minutes or less.

Telisa Kyle and Allan Thomas of Shrinking Things.

Now the film turned in can be viewed just fine and viewers will be none the wiser that is it missing about two jokes from it, but indeed it is. Before submitting it to wider places, the full cut will be done and done by Jermaine. It’s still a funny short as Allan, Telisa and Mike did an amazing job and kept the dialogue flowing in the script which called for a lot of dialogue in one location. Will be curious to see the response to it from the audience.

Cheerleader Karate School

On the CKS front we’re still trying to get people to see the pilot and see the potential in the concept. The episode is available on Amazon Prime, Youtube and will soon be available on Sparkk TV, a web series gathering site as well as any other site we can put it on to get eyeballs on it and hopefully the eyeballs of people who see what CKS could be with some funds through at us.

Perky Chicks and Roundhouse Kicks!

Work continues on the feature script, with season one of the series being retooled a bit as the film script takes one of the concepts and villains from the first season to be the threat in the film.

For more information check out the FB page:

20 Minutes or Less

Nearly ready to roll on that and excited for what the trilogy can be when it is filmed in its entirety. Wen-cheih Chi is ready and raring to go in the lead role of the series and Bj is ready to take lessons learned from shooting the Rack Focus Round 3 entry and other shoots since then to make this one the best it can be and get some results we were not able to get before in the previous shoot.

For more information check the FB page:

Party Girl

Party Girl The Series will get some more eyeballs on it we assume as just like with CKS, Sparkk TV will be showing both seasons of the series. Of course we wished it could have continued but we did not want to do anything without Cait Pool in the lead role and we weren’t going to be able to get her back in the saddle unless there was some actual money and status behind it. Though we have found an idea, a way to carry on past Party Girl. More details of that to come in the next few months.

For more information check the FB page:

Various Projects

There are a number of projects being worked on, scripted and such chief among them DadBodies, a comedy, Sand in My Cubicle, a comedy series, HTB, an action drama starring Annie Cruz and Get In, an action short also set to feature Cruz.

Lots to do and hopefully the right people at the right time will see what’s going on and want to jump in.

Rodney means, Fabian Lopez and Seth Jones…thugs in Party Girl.

We mourned the loss of Ray “Softbox” Jenkins, Sunday.

Thankfully we haven’t had many an occasion where we lose gear. But we did last weekend on a shoot at the Denton Record-Chronicle building. It was a scene with Fabian Lopez, Rodney Means and Seth Jones. They were playing thugs threatening the life of a teenager from episode 1.11 “Past Debts.” Well we were shooting outside in the evening and for some reason winds were nearing hurricane force gale. I put a whole bunch of stuff against the stands in lieu of bean bags I wish I had. Now i know I needed to get them eventually but I figured I could handle things without them and when you’re dealing with little to know money for a budget you have to prioritize what you really need versus what you can do without or McGuyver it.

Well the wind had other plans for one of my softbox lights, blowing it over. Now my boxes have taken some spills over the past few months and escaped without injury. But no, on this day, three out of four bulbs in the softbox broke. That sucked. Now we got through with the rest of the shoot but it still sucked that it happened as it’s another expense I did not forsee happening. I know I needed to get extra bulbs and such at some point, but again, I was trying to make the best use of what I had at the moment.

But stuff breaks, you have to accept that and just deal with it when it comes. And that is what we’re doing.

Filming is ongoing but should wrap up November, knock on wood, there are no more major delays. The second week of January will be here before anyone realizes it and then it will be time for Party Girl to hit the interwebs.

In other Taurian Films business, we are in the early stages of working with Fabian on a web series of his creation with filming to take place in between filming Party Girl season one and when season two is slated to begin. After reading the scripts for the first two episodes of his show, “Smoove & Ruff” we think it can be a hit and look forward to getting started. Me, Jermaine and Annie

Other things we hope to get started include the film, HTB, starring Annie Cruz.

That film finds Cruz as an assassin who gets caught up with the FBI in her latest job and has to turn to an internet friend for help.

Annie Cruz as HTB's Vanessa Bachman

Sample art from Joshua Chinksy for the HTB graphic novel.

We finally have a first draft of a budget for the film and have begun whittling it down to the essentials that we will need to make this film happen.  We’re looking at filming the majority of the film here in Texas with some pick ups done out in LA, where Annie resides. A fundraising push for that project should kick off in the new weeks as well as one of the second season of Party Girl as well.

Alongside a couple other web projects, there’s a lot of things going on in the Taurian Films camp but they will be ready for the masses soon enough.

See the picture? That is Taurian Films name on the schedule in the 6 p.m. block for FenCon X this Saturday! Yep and we are excited, beyond excited at the opportunity to share Party Girl with anyone and everyone who comes to the presentation and the debut of the brand new trailer and who comes by the table before or after the screening. Hoping for a good turnout. A little nervous…scratch that a lot nervous, but we feel strongly that we have a good project on our hands and one that the people will like.

Taurian Films listed on the program schedule for FenCon X Saturday in Dallas.

Taurian Films listed on the program schedule for FenCon X Saturday in Dallas.

While the program listing only have three panelist, apparently that was the limit, Samantha Rieff will be on hand as well as Jacob Drum, Normita Joven and a handful of other cast and crew.

We’re busy this week finalizing the new trailer. Due to some shooting complications some of the footage that was planned for the trailer did not get filmed in time, but we did not fret as we had a plan B up our sleeves to knock out a good trailer that will show off what the story is about.

It’s going to be a rocking good time and I hope many many people out there will attend.

For those needing to know ticket information…

FenCon X will be held October 4-6, 2013, at the Crowne Plaza Dallas Near the Galleria. (That’s at 14315 Midway Road in the Dallas suburb of Addison.)

Adults over 21
Weekend – $45
Friday $20
Saturday $25
Sunday $20

Young Adults between 13-21
Weekend – $25
Friday $10
Saturday $15
Sunday $10

Children between 6-12
Weekend – $20
Friday $10
Saturday $15
Sunday $10

Kids between 0 – 5 –> FREE

On-Site Registration Hours:
Friday: opens at 11:00am, closes at 9:00pm
Saturday: opens at 9:00am, closes at 6:00pm
Sunday: opens at 10:00am, closes at 3:00pm



The Buchanans

Meet the Buchanans: Edward (DJ Economou), Evelyn (Jenni Mabrey), Rachel (Jeanne Lampley) and Michelle (Samantha Rieff)

Production is of course still ongoing for the Party Girl web series. We shot some scenes last night and Chez Buchanan, with my actors braving the heat (no A/C downstairs) and bugs to knock out a couple scenes and absolutely kill them as they always do.

In looking ahead to the promotional marketing push for Party Girl we are looking ahead to conventions that we can attend and get in front of people with the show. One such convention is FenCon, We reached out and are happy to say they have responded and Party Girl will have a presence at FenCon X, Oct. 4-6!! Taurian Films will have a table set up with Party Girl swag, cast member appearances and goodies from other Taurian Films series, Insourcing & Dial-a-Ranger. The Party Girl Street Team will also be on hand giving out swag.

The super fun part comes Saturday night when we get a block to show off the series. We plan on debuting a brand new trailer and select scenes from a couple different episodes. Myself (Bj Lewis) and other cast members will be on hand and part of the presentation to meet and greet with those in attendance. I am beginning to line up who will be appearing on which day so I can spread some of the cast wealth around over the three-day event. Folks can expect to see at the very least the Buchanans appearing for the screening event Saturday.

Now I have never done something like this or screened my content in this way. Granted I did have a 48hr film contest entry played at the Texas Theater a while back, but it was one of a bunch of entries. For this moment the spotlight will be on us and on Party Girl. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But I feel quite strongly about the show and the quality of it and my actors and I know others will feel the same.

Not sure what the response will be, but hey if it can get us even one more set of eyeballs than we had before, I will consider it a success.

Everything is better with sound FX.

Jacob Drum (Benton Alridge/Bookworm) & Normita Joven (Delilah) on set.

That’s what I have found as I have edited the handful of action scenes we have shot so far for Party Girl. Now this is my first foray into action and I am learning as I go. I don’t expect my scenes to be Raid Redemption quality. Not yet. But I have people willing to try things they have not before and they are learning as much as I am. And that’s the thing, learning. Leaving every day of work on this web series, or hell any project…a little smarter and better than before and able to do better job the next day.

I think we are succeeding.

Last night’s fisticuffs were brief, but they look quite cool in the scene I cut together. It involved Jacob Drum (Benton Alridge/Bookworm) and Normita Joven (Delilah). Now Normita has like 60 black belts and has worked on scenes like this for years now on many big time shows, so I am glad we have her on this project lending her talents and expertise.

Directing the action on set in Benton’s Lab.

I  first encountered here when I was looking for a suit actress for an Ameri-toku short film I was going to do as an entry to a short film contest. It didn’t pan out as I never got the costume work started, but her friendship since then  and the contacts she has have been invaluable since.

It was a fun scene with Delilah stealing some stuff from Benton and the brief bit of dialogue between the two of them was good. Jacob continues to shine as Benton and I am really looking forward to people seeing his performance in the episodes.

When it came time for the physical stuff, we tweaked the scene a bit just due to where we were. It was a simple couple of moves we shot several times from different angles. Credit to Jacob again for being a champ and taking the floor bumps he did. It looks great. And with the added sound FX. So awesome. Cannot wait for people to see it.

Other action stuff that has been shot has been the Hell Sisters and Party Girl, shot in Denton and Boyd a few weeks ago as noted. Good stuff and I am learning what to do, what not to do and more importantly how exactly to shoot the scenes so blows aren’t whiffing and breaking the visual illusion of them connecting to people’s faces.

A bruised Sirena Bingham (Christy Felmore) and Party Girl (Jeanne Lampley)

A bruised Sirena Bingham (Christy Felmore) and Party Girl (Jeanne Lampley)

I’m learning, but it’s coming along.

Speaking of coming along, the teaser has come along to 700+ views in 11 days. I am not completely well versed in metrics and such of youtube to know if this is good or bad, lol. But for me, it’s good. I am happy with it. Would I like a million hits, yep. And we will get there by God…but for just blasting it on twitter and facebook, I am good with what we have. As long as people are seeing it. We will start up a more aggressive promotional push once we have wrapped up production in October.

Hoping that month to get a booth/table set up at a convention in Addison to help promote the show. I have already had a few cast members tell me they are up for doing the promo work as well as some actors who have smaller roles in the show willing to put boots on the ground and help promote the show. That means a ton to me to see so many people involved in this really believing in the show and the story and willing to help me get it out there to people.

It’s going to be great.


Not for the faint of heart. Or kids. Or bears.


Yep, just like the heading said, Bj Lewis, scored a commercial gig.

I pretty much don’t mention my wrestling related business on this blog as I have another blog people can read that at –> but scoring the gig had to do with wrestling.

Fabian tipped me off to the audition post on Facebook last week. I sent the casting folks my information, links to matches and a few promo pics not thinking much of it. I received an e-mail the next day inviting me to the audition. Very cool. Even if I didn’t get it I just wanted that experience since it was something I had never done before. I have said previously I wanted to go to an audition so I can experience it and better understand what I am putting potential actors through when they come audition for me.

When I got there I ran into a handful of people I knew from the shows I have worked. Some I have worked in the ring, some just been on the same card. I peeped a sheet listing the scheduled wrestlers and it was at least 100 guys they had scheduled. So My heart kinda dropped a bit calculating my chances. We’re always our own worst critics aren’t we? I didn’t think I had much of a chance. They were looking for heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight guys. I hadn’t seen many lightweights when I passed through but someone told me later that a bunch of them went in the morning. So I didn’t think much of it. I will admit I did do a little furious checking of my e-mail to see if I had anything from the producers. That wore off and I didn’t pay it any mind.

Fast forward to Thursday (my birthday) and I get a call back from the casting company telling me they want me in Austin for the shoot. Very cool. I believe the other two guys on the shoot with be Mike Dell and Michael Faith, guys I have known for a long while since being in the biz so it should be an easy fun shoot.

The pay is OK and I plan on throwing pretty much all of it back into Party Girl to pick up a digital recorder, boom, shotgun mic, a good cheap wide angle lens, some costume bits, an extra CF card, battery, promo photos and tickets for some of the cast for the Dallas Comic-Con. I had been needing an influx of cash to help the filming continue on a smooth path and this commercial proved to be an epic blessing to help this. I am thinking I also want to take a stab at building this rig, one of the latest from the Frugal Filmmaker, one of my favorite Youtube-ers.

Filming continues on Party Girl. Sunday morning sees Emma in front of the camera after a short layoff due to school commitments picking up. And we will finally get Alan Chow in front of the camera as Greg Hix/Grasshopper and Rosa Nichols as his mother. I have been super geeked for this shoot as Alan killed the audition for Greg so I have been wanting to see him in full form acting.


Speaking of firsts in front of the camera, a few weeks ago saw the debut of Alexis Johnson and Kyler Hodson for Party Girl. They had a fun scene together and I can’t wait to see them do more.

It’s a true marathon and it is ongoing.

After months of Seth mobbing me about it, I finally knocked out a bloopers reel. So that is online for people to check out. Season 2 production will kick off sometime in the summer again.

Insourcing is still there, waiting to finish the other two episodes. I got behind on editing the fifth episode which features Kevin M’fn Green in a feature role, but hoping to get to that soon as the other episodes leading up to the 12th are just ready to go.

Whew, that’s it for now.

Oh and if you haven’t seen it, check the first Party Girl teaser.