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It’s been a minute we know, but the hiatus is over, we’re here and so is Party Girl!

We are near the end. We pretty much have this weekend of shooting and some idle pick ups here and there with some of you guys who I have been in touch with.
The majority of shooting is done with rough cuts of several episodes in existence. They will be sent to my brother in Cali as he will be doing the final color grading on it. The first episode is still set for January, but we are contemplating the 20th of January rather than the 13th. Still a Monday, but Denton County’s own little Ice-Mageddon a few weeks ago kind of threw things off.
Will keep you guys up to date.
The important thing is we are nearly there and the world can finally see what  the cast and crew have been working on for months. I have said many many times and will continue to say how thankful and humbled I have been by the dedication, work and sacrifice everyone has done to bring this project to life. It’s been nothing less than a dream to see it coming together, to see a little story I started writing when I was 15 blossom years later into this show.
It’s just awesome.
We have some sneak peek featurettes for the masses, the latest one featuring Caden Blevins who plays Darchart in episode 1.8.

The next one will feature Giovannie Cruz (Red Rose/White Rose)

We have a couple other things in the works we will use to flesh out the world of Party Girl and give people more material to chew on alongside the episodes.

We’re getting closer to that premiere date and things are getting exciting to say the least.

Also, mark down Jan. 26 on your calendars and planners. That date is the first (of what I am sure they hope is annual) Helio-Con. A convention emanating from Lewisville, TX.

Party Girl will be there.

Rodney means, Fabian Lopez and Seth Jones…thugs in Party Girl.

We mourned the loss of Ray “Softbox” Jenkins, Sunday.

Thankfully we haven’t had many an occasion where we lose gear. But we did last weekend on a shoot at the Denton Record-Chronicle building. It was a scene with Fabian Lopez, Rodney Means and Seth Jones. They were playing thugs threatening the life of a teenager from episode 1.11 “Past Debts.” Well we were shooting outside in the evening and for some reason winds were nearing hurricane force gale. I put a whole bunch of stuff against the stands in lieu of bean bags I wish I had. Now i know I needed to get them eventually but I figured I could handle things without them and when you’re dealing with little to know money for a budget you have to prioritize what you really need versus what you can do without or McGuyver it.

Well the wind had other plans for one of my softbox lights, blowing it over. Now my boxes have taken some spills over the past few months and escaped without injury. But no, on this day, three out of four bulbs in the softbox broke. That sucked. Now we got through with the rest of the shoot but it still sucked that it happened as it’s another expense I did not forsee happening. I know I needed to get extra bulbs and such at some point, but again, I was trying to make the best use of what I had at the moment.

But stuff breaks, you have to accept that and just deal with it when it comes. And that is what we’re doing.

Filming is ongoing but should wrap up November, knock on wood, there are no more major delays. The second week of January will be here before anyone realizes it and then it will be time for Party Girl to hit the interwebs.

In other Taurian Films business, we are in the early stages of working with Fabian on a web series of his creation with filming to take place in between filming Party Girl season one and when season two is slated to begin. After reading the scripts for the first two episodes of his show, “Smoove & Ruff” we think it can be a hit and look forward to getting started. Me, Jermaine and Annie

Other things we hope to get started include the film, HTB, starring Annie Cruz.

That film finds Cruz as an assassin who gets caught up with the FBI in her latest job and has to turn to an internet friend for help.

Annie Cruz as HTB's Vanessa Bachman

Sample art from Joshua Chinksy for the HTB graphic novel.

We finally have a first draft of a budget for the film and have begun whittling it down to the essentials that we will need to make this film happen.  We’re looking at filming the majority of the film here in Texas with some pick ups done out in LA, where Annie resides. A fundraising push for that project should kick off in the new weeks as well as one of the second season of Party Girl as well.

Alongside a couple other web projects, there’s a lot of things going on in the Taurian Films camp but they will be ready for the masses soon enough.

Just making sure everyone is caught up with what they can see from the Party Girl web series so far as we gear up for the premiere in January!!! (Film Break project page)

See the picture? That is Taurian Films name on the schedule in the 6 p.m. block for FenCon X this Saturday! Yep and we are excited, beyond excited at the opportunity to share Party Girl with anyone and everyone who comes to the presentation and the debut of the brand new trailer and who comes by the table before or after the screening. Hoping for a good turnout. A little nervous…scratch that a lot nervous, but we feel strongly that we have a good project on our hands and one that the people will like.

Taurian Films listed on the program schedule for FenCon X Saturday in Dallas.

Taurian Films listed on the program schedule for FenCon X Saturday in Dallas.

While the program listing only have three panelist, apparently that was the limit, Samantha Rieff will be on hand as well as Jacob Drum, Normita Joven and a handful of other cast and crew.

We’re busy this week finalizing the new trailer. Due to some shooting complications some of the footage that was planned for the trailer did not get filmed in time, but we did not fret as we had a plan B up our sleeves to knock out a good trailer that will show off what the story is about.

It’s going to be a rocking good time and I hope many many people out there will attend.

For those needing to know ticket information…

FenCon X will be held October 4-6, 2013, at the Crowne Plaza Dallas Near the Galleria. (That’s at 14315 Midway Road in the Dallas suburb of Addison.)

Adults over 21
Weekend – $45
Friday $20
Saturday $25
Sunday $20

Young Adults between 13-21
Weekend – $25
Friday $10
Saturday $15
Sunday $10

Children between 6-12
Weekend – $20
Friday $10
Saturday $15
Sunday $10

Kids between 0 – 5 –> FREE

On-Site Registration Hours:
Friday: opens at 11:00am, closes at 9:00pm
Saturday: opens at 9:00am, closes at 6:00pm
Sunday: opens at 10:00am, closes at 3:00pm




Not for the faint of heart. Or kids. Or bears.


Apologies for following behind on the blogging and updates to what is going on with the handful of projects we have going. We are making some moves here. Schedule type moves. I am realizing the original time table I set for season one of Party Girl is likely not going to happen. Mitigating people’s time and schedules and such considering the size of the cast. I have had a handful of instances in recent weeks that has had me hit the pause button on filming larger chunks so things have been progressing on a smaller scale.

Most recently we shot a scene from the pilot with Ebony Daughtry and Jacob Drum. It’s continues to be a joy to see Jacob as Benton Alridge and I am looking forward to finally getting him and Emma Weatherford (Rachel Buchanan) across from each other on camera. Ebony was great too in her role as the Hale High School Counselor who tries to get through to Benton after the latest round of bullying he experiences.

I had said initially I wanted to finish by August for a November release. But looking at things now it will probably be the first of October when we wrap season one shooting. I am moving things down to accommodate that schedule and will continue to keep people abreast of things in case any of their availability changes with that with other projects they may become attached to or other personal things. I am putting a three week break in late August to mid-September to give my students high school and college some time to get acclimated to their schedules for the new year especially those who may be entering totally new schools.

I will get the new ultimate shooting schedule to folks tonight.
I of course want things to happen now, as I see grand things once it all comes together, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, isn’t that how the quote goes?

Shot a scene with Kevin Green for Insourcing to finally get that back on track. We have episodes 6 – 11 in the can and ready to go, I just got held up on some things on episode 4 and finally got that handled. Will be able to tie things off once I track down one of my more elusive cast members.

Just have to keep trucking forward and stay positive, and I am and I will.