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Campaigns have victory speeches when they are successful and concession speeches when they are not. Unfortunately, this is the latter of the two. Despite the best efforts of the 37 backers on our campaign for HTB, we did not reach the goal. We opted for an all or nothing endeavor to raise $5,000, that would have gone to the artist and a part of the first print run of the books for sale and for perk fulfillment for backers. Since we did not hit the goal, we get nothing. failed

I am assuming in the next couple days, folks will see their bank cards and debit card reflect refunds on their contributions. This is the second time we have crashed and burned on trying to raise funds for HTB. It happens. I mean right now, it’s a handful of comic pages and characters sketches, and our boasts that it will be an amazing book when put together. It’s hard to get people to thrown in with their hard earned dollars without more than that. We may have just not done enough to spread the word about it. Any number of things can lead to falling short when it comes to the crowdfunding arena. Sure it’s easy and fun to do the math, if such and such people just gave $10…$5…$1….etc. But you gotta bring people along, get them hooked, interested and then invested.

We understand that.

We are not going to stop working on the book though, of that you can be sure. Already we have spent enough years on it, we won’t let the time spent be in vain.

We may try the crowdfunding angle again, and just worry about paying the artist for the book to get it done and just pay for the print costs ourselves.

We have some people interested in HTB, we just need to get them pages so they can see how the script plays out and ideally, be moved to publish it. Meantime, we’re are handling the pages one at a time with the hope of being able to stash some extra change together to do some groupings of pages. If nothing else, we would like to see the first 10 pages done as that will give us two nice action sequences and introduce Annie’s character in a kick ass way. Maybe we go back to the well with that.

We will brainstorm and come up with something.

To those who backed the book, myself, Jermaine, Annie, Demarco and David are very grateful and we plan on doing all we can to make it happen for us all enjoy.

Me, Jermaine and Annie

A throwback look at when the creative parties for HTB first met and got the ball rolling on the development of the book.

At first you don’t succeed you try and you try again is how the saying goes right? Particularly with something you believe in strongly. That’s the view we are taking as we again launch into developing the HTB comic book. We launched a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo on April 25th and it will continue until June 14th of this year.

The page has the requisite information, the who, what, where, when and why we are doing what we are doing in creating the book. We’re looking to hit $5,000 which will pay for the artist ($3,500) and the rest will go toward the initial print run of the book for perk fulfillment and initial sales.


HTB Graphic Novel

The artist in question is the Chicago based, David Jaxon. He’s been penciling for 17 years.

Some of his most recent work ranging from 2017-2018 includes: “Red Talon” issue 1 for Flatworld Comics, “Armed n Danger’Russ” issues 1-4 and “Wandering Monkey” issues 1-5 for 15 Year Comics, “Crossfire” issue 2 for Splotch Comics, “Xob” issue 1 for Taurus Comics, issue 1 of “The Teddy Bear Legion”, and dozens of others some to be announced.


We think he will do wonders with the book. One of the issues we will acknowledge with the campaign and the reason we did the one time extension Indiegogo allows is for Jaxon to be able to work up a handful of pages from the book. Our intent is to have the first 10 pages for all to see so would be contributors can see what they will be getting with the book. We wanted to have them at launch but a last minute exit of the previous artist. We had already launched and could not go back on it, so we are doing what we can to make the most of the situation and get pages done as soon as possible.

We can totally crash and burn again and even if we do we will try again. This book has to happen, the story has to be told, Bj has spent enough of his adult years pondering it.


Filming a teaser short for HTB.

Comic book….movie…comic book…both at once, the path to production has jumped around but by going back to and settling on a comic book, we think it will the best means. Ideally folks with investor kind of funding will see potential in adaptation once they see the book. We have had a publisher note that the book premise is ‘interesting’ but they will need to see pages and how the story flows to give them that publishing push.

We have to get it done, that’s the hard part. Again, doing the crowdfunding math is easy. Oh, if only X-number of people will give $10…$5….$1, we can do it. But we have to put the work in across social media and other promotional means.

At first you don’t succeed…..

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away And know when to run
You never count your money When you’re sittin’ at the table
There’ll be time enough for counting When the dealin’s done…”

As the lyrics go right?

Not everything you do creatively remains in the same medium you created for it, right?

So it goes with the current live iteration of Cheerleader Karate School. The pilot/short we film was cool and it allowed me to see my vision for it come to life, but there are limits to what can be done with it now. At least with current time, resources, money of course. So we’re looking back to the four color treatment for the CKS ladies and their fight against evil.

CKS page

A page from the upcoming Cheerleader Karate School / Dusk crossover comic book from David Doub’s Dusk Publications.


As mentioned a few times we’re working with David Doub and his kick ass Dusk Publications for a crossover comic with his flagship title, Dusk. On the heels of that we will be looking to have either a series or graphic novel of CKS, using the first season scripts as the base of the story, pretty will doing each episode as an issue of the comic book. That will allow us to really ratchet up the action, the antics, the danger and the over the top threats the girls face. It will also allow for me to get back to some of the original intentions I had for some of the characters.

Heather was initially Josey Rae, a six foot tall, country strong mother hen of the group. Brice Vicarro will still be her same motor mouth kinda character but she was originally intended to be and will be in the comic, a transgender character. So going back to my original intended vision is something we look forward to doing.

Ideally the comics will be a success and allow us to work on new fans and add to the fanbase CKS has. Hopefully our UK friends who latched on to the show and keep asking about more content are comic book readers and can follow the girls adventures that way and that hey, someone may see it and think, I want to adapt CKS, throw us some funds and we circle back to a live action CKS world.

Either way there are stories to be told with Keegan, Brice, Josey Rae, Tyesha, Mari and the Copeland siblings and we will work on making that happen.

First off, Merry Christmas to all the folks out there in the Inter Webs and beyond. Hopefully you are not permanently scarred from Black Friday and the shopping since then. And my prayers are with those last minute shoppers braving the aisles on Christmas Eve. Full disclosure, I am glad it’s not me.

Now on to other business like…..

Boom! New Dial-A-Ranger for the masses. Here we get our first introduction  to a new Ranger. But will he be friend or foe for our hero, Stan Gerbil? We shall see.

I tapped fellow Mighty Morphin Texas Ranger member Alonzo Hunter for the role of the SPD Red Ranger. He has some fun scenes ahead and it’s always good to get more spandex on the show so people just aren’t looking at Stan the entire time. There has been some season 2 chatter already about bringing in the MMPR Pink Ranger and perhaps some Kanen Riders to battle our Ranger heroes. That’s right,  the throwdown all fans have demand, Power Rangers v Kamen Rider. Who will come out on top and just how hilarious will it be?

Photoweb comics. I have seen them before but didn’t think all that much of them. Recently I got into searching for super heroes in the public domain and got lost in the ton of characters there are as well as the interesting stories on how Marvel and DC Comics have snatched up some of the characters or just pulled everything they can, powers, personlity, origin, from the characters to make their own.

I had been looking at those to possibly try to bring in some real world type of heroes to Party Girl in the season 2 two parter I planned. I originally was going to use a super team I crafted back in high school and one that I still like and plan to do a web series on, but I didn’t know if Party Girl was the right setting for them so I thought of changing it up. Still thinking over that as I make a list  of some of the heroes that I like. Not sure how I made the jump to photo Webcomics, but I did, stumbling upon and a couple others. It was an interesting read and made me wonder about trying it myself. I am all for traditional comics for print and still trying to lock down an artist for the Hard Target B*tch graphi novel project with AnFFv photowebcomicnie Cruz, but you can be a little different when it comes to web content and different can be photo web comics. Not to mention I can tell some of the stories I have in my head without having to shelve them for years becuase I can’t afford an artist to draw them for me and my skills with a pencil suck beyond stick figures.

I script it like a regular comic book and instead of having an artist draw the panels I take the still pics and work some photoshop magic to make them into comic book looking pics. I have been playing around with it the last couple days, well Steph and I both have been, testing different looks. They range from slightly cartoony to over the top saturated with cartoony filters and what not.

Still trying to find the one that works the best or at leas that I like the best. Cost for this would really be in the costumes for the characters. Photoshop could help with SFX and environmental damage to city blocks and such during the fights. Or I was thinking of mixing traditional line art for the background and environments with the photos. I will have to do some tests to see how that looks.

As I am writing Party Girl I know there’s stories I would like to tell but won’t be able to within the 13 episode first season I have planned. But I can make them into web comics. Another Web series I follow, Heroes of the North, they have the regular Web series, but they also do web comics (traditional line art) that tie into the overall story canon. It’s a way to give people more content and engage them in different ways and I am all for that and keeping things interesting for the story.

I think there will be at least three web comics for Party Girl. One will feature the rise of the Rose Sisters, another will shed some light onto Det. Yvette Brenson and another will be a fun short story featuring Party Girl battling another villain.

Should be fun. Also working on another possible photoweb comic series. Just have to find people to star as the characters in said photo comic. I imagine I will find no shortage of people though. Not sure it would be something for the traditional acting/modeling community, but it might. And cosplayers, I can get them in on it to.

A lot of it is in thought right now, with fun possibilities I think.

Another Web page entry I found has links to a few other photo web comics. Check it.

So we here at Taurian Films have started putting out some material online in the form of teasers for our upcoming Web series, Insourcing and a few episodes of our weekly mock reality TV show, Dial-A-Ranger. And while it goes against conventional wisdom and logic, part of me was thinking I could just post it, put a couple tags on it, well more than a couple and the hits and views would roll in.

Not so much.

So after a few weeks and a small number of views on all the content I started looking at what you can do to increase that. Turns out after some Googling, there are lots of articles on it full of tips and strategies and such to get more eyeballs on your product. You have to hustle just as hard as you did making the thing, to get it out there in front of people. It’s the interwebs. It is infinite and given that, you have a huge amount of stuff you are competing against. Some of it directly against you because they are putting out the same thing, others not so much, but they still remain competition because they are online. Quick lesson to learn.

That’s something we will be kicking around in an upcoming Bulls Deep podcast. Curious to see what Mau has to say on the subject and to see if we can come up with some ways to get people looking, some interesting contests or other incentive laced efforts.

We shall see.

So now I begin the search for an artist for the “HTB” graphic novel.

I have been asking people I know for people they know with artistic skills. I have been putting some ads/posts and such online and will see about papering the campuses here in Denton and see where else I can extend my reach to find the individual who can help bring “HTB” to life. Been shot down a number of times already due to people being busy or committed to a ton of stuff or other assorted reasons.

The screening process is going to be a long one I can see. But it has to be a thorough one as well as whomever the artist is, they have to make so whatever angle they draw “Vanessa” from that you see Annie. Selling point of the book, so I will be particular about that. Hoping to be able to find someone who can get it done the necessary timetable and for a price within the budget. I checked rates with some people and wow. I’d love to be able to dole out $200 bucks a page to someone, but that would take me the rest of my days to get the book done.

Crossing fingers and sacrificing virgins that someone can be found.

In other shooting news, tomorrow will be day 3 of the shoot for Fabian Lopez’s “Payday.” A short film he wrote. He was set to have another guy shoot it but the guy fell through so I am behind the camera. I am always game to shoot something to continue to learn, trial and error and all that. Lot’s of error and figuring what I won’t do the next time. Curious to see what this will look like all put together, that’s for sure.

We have a funny bonus scene we cooked up a few weeks ago as we just sat around bullshitting after a short shoot. While it has little to do with the short film, what we have Kevin Green doing in it will be funny as hell.

Insourcing picks up again Sept. 8/9 with a few more episodes to shoot along with Kevin Green’s first chance at infomercial guru, Bobby G. It’s one of my favorite characters, so I am looking forward to seeing how he portrays him.

Tired doesn’t begin to describe how I am feeling right now. But it was a weekend that was a year in the making and worth it on so many levels.

Steph and I traveled to Pasadena, CA for Power Morphicon 3, a Power Rangers convention and to finally have a sit down meeting with Annie Cruz, Jermaine Spencer, Steph and myself to discuss the graphic novel and feature adaption of that graphic novel.

The project, “HTB” has been in the works for a few years now. The name came from something I started brainstorming about in 7th grade, which continued to a character I made for the City of Heroes MMO PC game. I penned the first script for it a few years ago for a Script Frenzy event. (RIP Script Frenzy)

A partnership with another writer on a comic book he was producing that was using a the name and likeness of a reality star got me into the idea of partnering with someone on HTB to help push the book. Steph suggested Annie, who is a huge gamer and comic book fan. I said no at first, but Steph, rightly so, said the worst Annie could say was “no.”

Which she didn’t.

Annie was a go for the project and since then I had an artist, Joshua Chinksy, pen a kick ass sketch of her in the title role and I had sent the script for her to read. It was important for a couple reasons for her to see the story and make sure she was down for it, and to show how serious we were.

And again, the meeting we had out there was more effort to show that we are indeed very serious about the project and moving forward with it. Annie had a great reaction to the script and the story and characters and the other business-y sort of questions we had to work out were answered and worked out and we are all set to move forward.

This project will be done under the banner of Jigsaw Entertainment, which Jermaine and I started years back and anything we work on together goes under that umbrella.

Can’t wait.