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Check it out, the season two finale of Party Girl: The Series!

It finds Party Girl and Darchart desperate to rescue Party Girl’s sister and up against new and returning foes who plan to make things difficult for them.


It’s been a minute we know, but the hiatus is over, we’re here and so is Party Girl!

…is the Web Series Channel. 

Here’s hoping more eyeballs find their way to the show and we can pick up some more viewers and fans.

Well it’s a change you won’t see until season two actually.

Jeanne Lampley has resigned from the show as she has a summer acting gig planned in NYC. We wish her well in her future endeavors and thank her for her work on the show.

We have quintet of ladies who have put their hat in the ring to replace the outgoing Jeanne, and hope to have one in place by the end of weekend.

And of course fans of Jeanne still have nine more episodes of her as Party Girl.

I hope to have Chapter V delivered to the masses soon, which, yes I have said, but in truth we needed one nagging pick up scene that Jeanne had to shoot, which we did, so now we can finish it.

In the meantime, work has been continuing on season two.

We have shot some fun scenes with Giovannie Cruz, Richard Houghton, Ada Perez and Stan Baker, all reprising season one roles.

Between takes on set.

Between takes on set.

We got to a few scenes I was particularly excited to do in the form of the Congregation led by Logan Thomas as THE MINISTER and Victoria Sawyer and Sanjay Nilliyat as two of his disciples, SISTER PIKE and BROTHER DIESEL  Brady Kickhaefer was great in his role of equal rights activist, MARK SPEARS, even though he is a dirty Kansas City Chiefs fan. And we got a smidgen from Oscar Seung as DANIEL CHU/CORONA of the IMMORTALS. Who you will see lots more of in the 9th episode of season two.

Getting our shoot on.

Getting our shoot on.

Dallas Comic-Con was last weekend and we had talked with Fabian Lopez about attending it to help promote Party Girl.

We didn’t end up going, but Fabian did in costume at least one day as CamoFly, his Party Girl character. And though he did not get as much love from some attendees, he still had a good time.

Fabian Lopez, from grunt to super villain in Party Girl.

Fabian Lopez, from grunt to super villain in Party Girl.


We plan on being armed with flyers and such for upcoming conventions and we are making note of which ones we are going to attend. All comes down to the almighty dollar. Dollars are the only reason the revamped has not hit yet. But that’s the price you pay when you’re doing it yourself. But we will do whatever we need to bring the Party Girl story to the masses.


And of course, if you haven’t seen it, catch up with Chapter IV of Party Girl at:

Questions, feedback or anything else please send to We love to hear from you all.

And be sure to check the Facebook page @

Chekc ou the latest chapter of the web series!



And…actually I have taken to calling them chapters.

I like the sound of that.

At any rate, here is this week’s episode!


After months of shooting, months of hard work and sacrifices made by so many, the web series I have been dreaming about and talking about and filming is here!


Minutes before the pre-screening at the Texas Theatre, March 10.

Party Girl’s first episode dropped online Monday, a week after an advance screening held at the Texas Theatre, the first episode is online. While we were going to launch with a double-sized first episode, we decided to split the episode into two, so there will be 13 first season episodes rather than 12.

Response has been positive so far, the only major issue or critique has been with audio in some places, which I knew was coming. The way we had to film the first season we were limited with our audio options both during filming and in post since it was just me doing it, be we already have a few acquisitions that will allow us to have stronger sound the next time around for season two and

Writer/Director Bj Lewis with his mother and brother after the pre-screening event.

Writer/Director Bj Lewis with his mother and brother after the pre-screening event.

we’re excited to get started with that to show those improvements.

But that’s not to put down the first season in any way or look past it. You have some epic performances from all the actors involved from the main players to those in the background. I would endeavor to name some here, but I’d feel bad inevitably leaving out some individuals. Needless to say it has been an incredibly collaborative effort that I could not have completed without the help of many people from casting, to cast to crew and everything in between.

And of course Stephney Keller, who is responsible for much of this show being possible, I would be remiss not to mention her contributions as well.

We made something great here and I am glad people are bearing witness to it at long last.