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…ah, so much to get to so little time…blogging needs to definately done more often so I don’t have to play catch up and I can focus more on cool, witty content in this space that, I dunno, about three people are reading on a cosistent basis.

Where I’m at….

2012 is the year I have marked as the get off my butt year and I know people say that all the time and I have said so myself, but I am trying to make it happen this time around. I have a list of projects I am working on and tentative time tables on when I want to get them done.

Things are being changed around a bit, at least over the next couple months as I am rearranging some things to accomodate a film contest my boy Jermaine R. Spencer informed me about. Now I wish I had found out about it sooner, but that is spilled milk.

The contest can be found at

The jist of it, 15-minute short that can be anything you want. Due March 31. Grand prize is $500,000 and a chance to develop a series with Ridley Scott. So yeah, quite a cool deal if you win, but even if you don’t your stuff will get seen. I had a project slated for later in the year that I am moving up to accomodate the contest.

The script is done, coming in at around 10 pages and involves an action scene. I already have the script in the hands of the guy who will be doing the choreography for the scene, now I just need to cast it. Though the  guy working on the fight stuff will take care of a couple of those for me.

Which brings me to today and the fortune found at the barbershop. I was on my way out when I heard one of the guys in another chair talking about acting. He and I had some conversation and he’s an acting student at UNT who recently got signed by an agency in Dallas. He offered to help get the word out about the project and into the hands/ears of peers on campus and others that he knows that are looking for something, anything to do. Those are my favorite kind of people. Hoping to find some people who can bring things to the table that I don’t have, particularly lighting as I just suck at that right now.

Hopefully this pans out as it was quite an encouraging run-in today.

I intend to shoot the project and everything else on DSLR.

After watching the GiJOE fan film, Red Retrieval which was shot with a Canon 7D, it got me curious about the format and what it could do. Jermaine was talking about using them as well. After doing some Googling and e-mailing the Red Retrieval director I decided on the Canon T3i. My better half purchased it for me, spoiling me as always, but I am very grateful. I can’t wait to do more shooting with the camera to see what it can do.

I have things in place for “Insourcing” 4.0 so I am anxious to get on that as well. Though I am going to shoot things differently this time and get it done.

That and so much more. Details to follow in other blogs. More frequest updates especially about FFV. (The contest entry)