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Pretty sure I almost died last Wednesday.

Well maybe not, but I could have come pretty close.

I was traveling back from Oshkosh, WI for the 9 to 5 job. I was dispatched to get photo and video of an event going on up there. I was there Saturday to Wednesday and it was a good experience, good food to be had and seeing the planes and helicopters at the air show is always fun. The trip up there involved flying from Dallas to Chicago and Chicago to Oshkosh. Going up there the flight was delayed due to a plane maintenance issue, which hey, if the plane is having issues I definitely want to be on a different one. My bag was checked at the gate, which annoyed the hell out of me. Sure enough when I got to Oshkosh, my bag was still in Chicago and coming on a later flight. My hotel was trash and my bag didn’t get to me until the next morning. Annoying to say the least. But the show had to go on, and of course it did. As I said earlier, fun airshow, good food.

Then comes the trip back. A storm moved through Oshkosh Wednesday morning. It was pouring at the airport when I got there. I waited in the rental car in the parking lot for about 40 minutes for it to clear up a bit before I went to drop the car back off and head into the tiny airport. Not sure why it’s called an international airport when it was tiny as hell and can only take you to larger airports to connect to another flight.

It’s a little ass plane. There is a single row of seats on the left side. Row of two seats on the right side. Small planes like that already make me nervous. Mind you I have been flying since before I could walk so I am fine with flying in general. Love it. Not as much as I did as a child because I am more cognizant of the fact planes can come down. But I still enjoy smooth flights.

I am looking over this little plane, a ‘puddle jumper’ as a co-worker called them, and I see duct tape on one seat handle. I get to my seat and even though it is in the upright position, it is still leaning back a bit. There’s scuffing on the sides of the interior and the emergency exit door handles were not flush against the plane interior.



This plane done already been through some shit.

The flight attendant had a worrying tone when she was asking the people in the exit row if they were willing and able to perform their duties should there be an emergency. Like she was so hell bent on getting a clear answer from them. It was like she had the foresight to know that some shit was about to go down here.

I’m seeing and processing all this and it’s just adding to my general feeling of ‘oh shit.’

Plane takes off. There is some normal bumps here and there as the plane climbs to the cruising altitude of 19,000 feet. Well…we get up there. All is good. Until the plane starts trembling again. Turbulence. OK, no biggie.

Buuuuuuuut it keeps going and intensifies. The plane starts bucking and dipping all over the air, bringing audible gasps from my fellow passengers. Me I don’t vocalize. I went all internal with my feelings, saying a few silent prayers, a few Lords’ Prayers, a few Hail Mary’s and then onto practically every other prayer I heard in Catholic school at St. Phillips and Bishop McNamara and beyond. Shaking is still going. I’m gripping the arm rest with white knuckle ferocity and pushing myself against my seat, as if that is really going to help.

One woman sacrificed her purse to puke in since there were no bags on the plane. Her boyfriend dutifully held onto the contents of her purse with one hand and patted her on the back with the other. Myself and a few other people looked around at other passengers in the cabin to see how they were taking it in and well, to see all their faces because at certain points in time you got the feeling this might be the day and these might be the people you are going to go down in flames with. For a good 10 minute stretch during that ruckus I did not think we were going to make it. Damn near pulled out my phone and went to texting people last thoughts and shit. Yes. It was that bad.

Worst part about it was the silence from the cockpit. Like dudes said nothing. Usually the pilot will come on and talk about the turbulence, warn us, tell us there could be more and that they are doing XYZ to mitigate it, you know whatever. Anything. Anything at all to make the panicking passengers feel at ease. Even if you don’t feel it, even if you don’t know what the fuck is going on and how you are going to solve it, bullshit for us so we feel better. But nope. Silence until we landed.

It was about 25 minutes of terror on the flight. Something I haven’t experienced in over a decade. The last time was flying through a hellacious storm when my mother and I were on our way back from burying my grandmother. I was afraid then but nothing like I was last week and flying that first leg home.

We got to the airport with me having 15 minutes to make my connection, which of course I did not, but then again that was good as I was not in a rush to get right back on another plane after that experience. The next flight had some mild turbulence as we climbed to cruising altitude, but as soon as it happened, the captain got on the comm with the voice of a reassuring grandfather to tell us what was happening, why it was happening and what they were doing to mitigate it. It was what the guys in the first flight should have done.

Needless to say I wanted to kiss the ground when we landed, ending a hugely stressful travel day for me. And I know there are good days and bad days with any mode of transportation you take, just this one was very very bad. Glad it is over with and I am hoping the next one will be smoother. Might have to travel for work in September, we shall see if I need to and want to.

In other recent business…I continue my goal to make movies and kick faces as a filmmaker and professional wrestler.

A recent match at a Christian kids camp…

On the film front I am still working on the feature script retooling of Cheerleader Karate School. I am 50 pages in and I can already see some things I am going to correct in as I edit that draft. I am working on a couple character tweeks as well. Things that I took out when we did the pilot, that I compromised a bit on from my original vision as I did not think I would be able to find certain actors for certain roles. CKS on Amazon I am going with what I originally wanted and just going to search high and low for those who match up with it.  I had seen pages on the DUSK / CKS team up comic and they are looking great. Hopefully it will be well received as we continue to try and spread CKS to the masses and to those who have not seen it.

Of course people can see it on Amazon Prime and we encourage them to do so and if they have seen it to watch it again and to share it with those who they think may enjoy it. People seem to dig it once they have seen it, it’s just a matter of getting them to see it in the first place. So work on that goes on.


Finishing the edits on the full cut of Shrinking Things. It will be the first project of mine I really want to push out to film festivals as I think it has some great performances from those involved in it, highlighted by Mike Loud’s turn as the shrink in it.

Mike Loud on Set

So hopefully as we look over the lists of fest and start submitting, we start to hear some good news from them.



aliciaRave planning continues. The big thing now is getting the costume materials. My vehicle took a crap on me a few weeks ago which forced a shift in financial planning toward necessities, like working transportation, so it put things off. But we are very confident in it happening and we have a great actress in Alicia Underwood that will play our future version Rachel Buchanan. Really geeked to see her on camera and in what we have started to zero in on what the costume will look like.

This round of Rack Focus will see me team with Iryna Spitzer (Jamie from ZEE MOVIE, which you can see on Amazon Prime as well as CKS) on a short film she wrote. Should be a fun experience as I have yet to work on a script that was not written by me. So we shall see how it goes once casting and filming commences.



It was a Taurian Films kind of weekend this past one as I met with some potential Party Girl cast members, Emma Weatherford and Samantha Rieff, who quickly turned into official Party Girl cast members. I fully expected them to, I just needed formalities out of the way for them to meet me and vice versa to make sure we are on board with what I plan for the Web series, which will be the most ambitious project I have taken on to date.

We did some script reading and a lot of talking. I like the talking part as you can really get to know people you will work with and you get to see how exactly they will fit into your plans and even how you may fit in plans they have. For example, I knew Samantha from the 48hr film project entry I did early this year and in talking to her I learned she has some costuming talent that can be of a great great help for Party Girl in designing costumes for a couple of the villains in the first season.

In talking and reading, Emma’s mother Jenni, started to get interested in the role of Party Girl’s mother and I offered it to her. What better casting can you do for a mother and daughter than an actual mother and daughter tandem. That’s natural chemistry you can’t pass up as well as plenty of practice time for scenes and running lines at home which will make filming easier. I will definitely welcome that considering how much will need to be shot for this.

Sunday brought us more Insourcing shoots. Specifically Episodes 9,10,11. Great stuff as usual from the guys. Fabian’s continued improve with Travis’ lines and his actions and prop usage is just better than I could have hoped when originally reading the scripts. I have said it before and will again that I am floored by the dedication of these gentlemen towards getting the project done. It has a history of false starts and crap happening to stall things, but I gave it one last try and am grateful to have found these guys to help start it and get it over the finish line.

This week we offered a tease into “Insourcing” the long gestating project from Taurian Films and our first foray into doing a Web series. It certainly won’t be the last with what we have coming up in January with Party Girl, but we wanted to get our feet wet with this, see how it turned out, learn some technical things, meet some people and have fun. All of which are goals we are accomplishing.

The teaser has been well received and both Billy and myself continue to be impressed with what Greg, Fabian and Daniel are doing in the roles and with the characters and can’t wait to see them attack the material at the tail end of the series.

Over the weekend I helped on a music video shoot with the group TWIAIT with Bunny Killer Entertainment. BKE did a video recently for one of the guys….

Turned out pretty good so I am curious to see how the new vid looks. As usual, learning some things on the fly that will help me later on. In hindsight, I wish I had rented a wide angle lens, a true wide for the shoot. I will make sure I have a few to choose from next time outside of my trusty Zeiss 50mm. I recently saw a couple wides I was interested in but I am reduced to only renting at the moment as the money I have has to go into the graphic novel.

Speaking of the graphic novel, (see what I did there) we are waiting for two artists to send us sample pages on the “Hard Target B*tch” project. One should hit today so we are anxiously awaiting the results of that and being able to make a decision and pull the trigger on the start of the book. I keep hitting refresh on the e-mail inbox hoping to see one of them, patience…never been my virtue.

Bulls Deep: A Taurian Films Podcasts are back again. The latest one is 4.7 where we had a guest, DeDe Herron, who we have had before who is fun and provided some laughs for us. We had some audio issues, which seems to be a staple of this program, but we hope to get those ironed out in the future.
Find it at Bulls Deep: A Taurian Films Podcast

On that show we talk about things we have worked on, things we are working on and just seek to have fun and have some laughs mostly at our own expense. Take a listen if you haven’t so far. The humor is not for everyone we know, but you can try it on your ears and see what happens.