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Shrinking Things.Still002

Mike Loud as Dr. Ronsenthal in Shrinking Things.

Rack Focus Round 5 came and went with some laughs and thrills and some great projects. Among them of course was Shrinking Things starring Mike Loud, Allan Thomas and Telisa Kyle. All three are talented actors and brought the fun to the short film.  Mike in fact scored himself a Best Actor Nomination from the judges. As well he should have. Mike, or as I like to call him ‘Capt. Clutch”, is a kick ass talent who has come through on each and every occasion we have asked him to for a Taurian Films project. Mike has been A-1 from Day One and is one of those people who we hope and plan to have along on set when we finally score that big blockbuster kinda project. The awards ceremony is Saturday evening, and we will be curious to see if Mike can pull out the win against some very capable competition.


The Party Girl Series continues on Sparkk TV. We of course see any new site and means of exposure to the work we do be it Party Girl, CKS or anything else as a good thing. As the days tick down to auditions for the Rave short film, we are growing more anxious to revisit the world of Rachel Buchanan, transition from the amazing job that Cait Pool did for season two and continue her story.

PG Poster Pic

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

We have a few interesting candidates for future Rachel as well as other parts, at least from e-mails. But we have learned that people who say they are interested and people who actually show up for auditions are two very different things. We will see what happens in this case. We are optimistic.

Writing on Cheerleader Karate School‘s reboot continues. It was actually through an audition e-mail for Rave that we thought about adding another tweak to the story and the re-inclusion (if that is a word) of a character that was removed from the script when we did the series. The part called for a 5’11 to 6’ actress and finding one who looks about 18 or 19 and has a physical/athletic background isn’t easy, but a submission for Rave renewed our faith that we could perhaps find what would have been Josey Rae in the story. CKS can be seen on YouTube, Amazon and Sparkk TV as well.

Work on 20 Minutes or Less continues. Schedules are proving challenging as they always do, but we know it will be well worth it to have the short film series done and done as it was intended.

Other than that, just continuing to write, work with others on their sets and projects and just making magic happen where it can.

Greetings all,

Jeanne Lampley as Party Girl

Jeanne Lampley as Party Girl

We have been busy on the Party Girl front.

In one of the last blogs, we noted that we were undergoing a cast change for the lead, and we have done so. After a round of auditions, Jeanne Lampley was selected to take up the mantel of Rachel Buchanan/Party Girl, a role she is ready and eager to get into.

She has already as we shot some scenes Saturday from episode 1.6 “Grappling” featuring David Eaton (Dr. Eathers) Alexis Johnson (Remy McConnell), Bobby T (Mr. McConnell), Natalie Williams (Det. Brenson) and of course Jeanne. We had Whiney Bangerter (Brooklyn) but we did not have enough time to get to her scene or all the way through the scenes that day as it involved an action scene.

We got started late so we just ran out of time, but we will come back to it. It was getting good with some physicality between Remy and Party Girl. Alexis really got into the action and brought some attitude and anger to it that is needed for Remy. Jeanne was a bit nervous about the action bits and how she came across in them, but once we do more, I think she will get more comfortable and confident with things. Much like the transition for Party Girl from timid to confident over the course of season one.

Jeanne Lampley (Party Girl) apologizes to Alexis Johnson (Remy McConnell) after (really) punching her in the face while shooting a scene Saturday.

Jeanne Lampley (Party Girl) apologizes to Alexis Johnson (Remy McConnell) after (really) punching her in the face while shooting a scene Saturday.

We are set to have a busy weekend with shooting at Boyd H.S. Saturday morning and then reshooting Buchanan home scenes on Sunday. Also hoping to reshoot a scene from before between Ebony Daughtry and Jacob Drum, while they did it fantastically the first time around, that was before we had our hands on school and I’d like to have that scene take place at the actual school rather than how we did it before.

Recently Bj Lewis ventured to the school to speak to a handful of classes to try and get some help from the students as extras and crew help as well if they wanted it. Didn’t have too too many bites, but hey anything is more than what there was before, right?

Anxious to see the dynamic between the Buchanan’s Sunday. Also get a chance to re-shoot things that we didn’t really like the first time around whether it be because of sound, lighting and the like. So I am looking forward to that.

Onward and upward, that’s how we’re rolling on this project.

Since we have been receiving submissions from people, we have seen that not all of them fit the roles that had been put out to this point, so we sought to go back and put other parts out there people may be interested and able to play.

Full Season One Casting Breakdown:

Mr. Edward Buchanan (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 11) (male, 40’s Caucasian) – Nine times out of 10 then man is stuck playing peacemaker during verbal spats with his wife and daughters. He tries his best to hang on and make things work, but he is getting closer to his breaking point with his marriage.

Connie Lopez (Episode 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10) (female, 15 – 16 Caucasian/Hispanic or Hispanic)
Best friend of the series lead ever since the two were in diapers. Their relationship hits its share of snags in high school now that Rachel is a rather popular girl and Connie is just sort of an average girl who does not stand out in a crowd. She is on the receiving end of bullying because of rumors of her sexual orientation. A fact she has thus far kept from Rachel.

Whitney Rose/White Rose & Rebecca Rose/Red Rose (Episodes 1,2,3,4,6, 10) (Mid 20’s to Early 30’s Caucasian or Hispanic female, actress will play both characters)
At war with her twin sister over the establishment of her criminal empire in the city. She is educated, carries herself with class and is the rationale thinking one. While she understands violence is necessary in the business, she uses it as a last resort only. While she is at odds with her sister, she is trying to repair the relationship with her father.

Rebecca is the opposite of her sister in so many ways, while Whitney uses charm and cunning, Rebecca leans on violence and force. While Whitney was getting the good grades and accolades, an angry Rebecca spent her time in the streets taking out her frustrations on other people. Rebecca wants the city and wants her father dead.

Sen. Jeffery Rose (Episodes 1, 6,) (male, 50’s Caucasian)

A shady politician with skeletons in his closet and the desire to keep them hidden as he makes a play for the White House.  He wants nothing to do with either of his daughters and the heat they can bring.

Chris Ringer (Episodes 1, 10, 11) (male, 16 – 17, any race)
One of the more popular kids at school. Chris has a thing for Rachel and thinks that he can always win her over with his wealth. He just can’t get the message that it won’t work.

JR Douglas (Episodes 1, 2, 12) (male, 16 – 17, Caucasian, athletic)
Allstate quarterback. Has money out the ass and knows it. He’s at the top of the social ladder in school. It’s cliché, but it’s true girls want him and guys want to be him. He’s not as much of a jerk as he plays it up for the masses, he’s just playing the part he thinks he needs to.

Benton Alridge/Bookworm (Episodes 1,2,3,4, 6, 10, 12) (male, 16 – 17, Caucasian)
Picked on his entire scholastic career, he always retreated into his books when life got him down. He seeks to be as successful as his father, but feels inadequate because while he has the brains, he does not have the brawn, which he feels his father values the most. It is this that motivates him to finally lash out at his tormentors hoping to show his father he can be a man.

Joseph Alridge (Episodes 1,2) (male, 40’s, Caucasian)
Benton’s father. A brilliant researcher for OmniCorps. Tech labs. Knee deep in his work, he neglects his son’s troubles at school, expecting him to man up and figure things out for himself. He’s not a bad father per se, he just expects a lot of his son.

Wyatt Hammer (Episode 1) (male, 16 – 17, any race)
Claims to be an Army brat. Clever and charming and handsome, really catching Rachel’s eye.

Gregory Hix (Episodes 1, 6) (male, 16 – 17, any race)
A student who decides to make the object of his affect love him whether she wants to or not. He uses a pair of experimental leg braces to become a villain that terrorizes the school.

Evelyn Buchanan (Episode 1,2,3,5, 11) (female, 40’s, Caucasian) – A former Olympic caliber gymnast whose career was cut short when she got pregnant at 15. These days she tries to relive her glory days of gymnastics through her daughters, straining her relationships with them and her husband.

Harrison Cade (Episode 1) (30’s – 40’s, male, any race) – Joseph’s research and development partner at OmniCorp. Smart, eager kind of guy.

Mary (Episode 1) (16 – 17, female, any race) – Student at Hale High.

Beth (Episode 2) (16 – 17, female, any race) – Student at Hale High.

Mrs. Gomez – (Episode 1) (female, late 20’s and up, any race) – Guidance counselor at Hale High.

Dr. Wallz (Episode 3) (male, 30’s and up, any race) – Bio chemist kidnapped by White Rose and forced to twist his work for her. He is desperate to get him and his wife out.

Elena Wallz (Episode 3) (female, 30’s and up, any race)  – The captive wife of Dr. Wallz. She is a strong woman even in captivity.

Annabelle Messier (Episode 6) (female, 16 – 17, any race) – Part of the in crowd at Hale High, she has no qualms about using other people to get what she wants and needs.

Mrs. Hix (Episode 6) (female, 40’s, race TBD, depends on Greg Hix casting) – Well-meaning if a bit naiive mother of Greg Hix. She can’t see the dangers of her son’s attraction to Annabelle.

Remy McConnel (Episode 7) (female, 16 – 17, any race, athletic) The first female on Hale High’s wrestling team. She’s a gifted athlete, who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders due to a genetic condition that gives her increased strength but decreased self- control over her temper.

Dr. Weathers (Episode 7) (male, age/race open) – A shady doctor who is looking to make a buck from anyone or anything.

Darchart (Episode 8) (male, mid 20’s, any race, athletic)  – A vigilante hero from Angel City. Even though he has not been around long himself, Darchart carries a bit of a stuck up attitude when it comes to heroics and being able to do the job.

Ty the Magnificent (Episode 9) (male, 18-20, any race) – A struggling small time magician, he is actually a pretty powerful magic wielder out to protect a spell book from his evil parents. He’s not the friendliest of guys, less so if you get in the way of his goal.

Rolo (Episode 9) (male, 40’s and up, race TBD based on Ty’s casting) – Ty’s father, an evil magician out to recover what he feels is rightfully his and Magda’s.

Magda (Episode 9) (female, 40’s and up, race TBD based on Ty’s casting) – Ty’s mother, like Rolo, she’s a magic wielder that has turned to the dark side and become a relentlessly evil person.

Kristi (Episode 10) (female, 15 – 17 any race) – A bully through and through, she loves to make people feel bad about themselves, along with her cohort, Tasha.

Tasha (Episode 10) (female, 15 – 17 any race) – A bully through and through, she loves to make people feel bad about themselves, along with her cohort, Kristi.

So I wanted to take a moment, er a post, to talk briefly on my fight choreographer for FFV and more than likely a few other projects going forward. His name is Jamaine Williamson. He’s a barber in Denton and has been for almost 10 years. A barber you ask? Well yeah. In addition to that he is well versed in martial arts and holds classes at his shop Mon-Fri.

When I asked him about working with me, he was amped at the idea. He’s a good person who gives freely of his time to help others be it shop customers, young people, friends, whatever. He’s one of those rare good people you find in the world.

I did a story on him for the Denton Record Chronicle that had some video with it.