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PG web comic test page

Web comics. I have mentioned them before. I like them. I like reading them and I would like to create them. I of course lack talent with a pencil. And as mentioned before I have seen photo web comics across the interwebs and thought to myself, yep, I can do that. I had done some tests months ago on a photoweb comic, using stills I made from a past failed project that was for a sci-fi short contest. I had done a lot of looking on the interwebs for a way to use Photoshop to turn a photo into a more comic book-y (for lack of a better word).  The test page came out OK, it wasn’t knocking my socks off, but if it was the best I found I would make it work.

The I was fiddling around with my Galaxy Note 2 one day and found an app on there that could be of some use. Paper Artist. At first I thought it was stupid as all you were able to do was draw on top of pics in your phone and add a bunch of different filters. Then I found a couple of them that looked like stylized comic book panels like some of the photo web comics I have seen.

Boom. Ideas.

So I did up a test page of an issue of the upcoming Party Girl web comic. I have a plan for about 13 issues that will take place in between episodes of Party Girl. I got the idea from the Heroes of the North web series. It’s a good way to provide different content and continue the story in ways I can’t through the actual web show. Plus it’s way to give people some shine and fill in some holes for characters like Brooklyn, Det. Brenson, JR and even Party Girl herself, showing some other fun adventures she gets involved in outside of the stuff we see on the show.

Including the test page here. Stephney, my other half, is taking on the lettering duties for the comic, she is still working out the dialogue bubble size and placement or I would have included that page, but for the moment, here is the test page, featuring an encounter between Red Rose and Benton.