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Checking the last take as folks get ready to go for another.

Checking the last take as folks get ready to go for another. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

Saturday was a long but productive day. Once again Boyd ISD opened the doors of the high school to us to shoot more scenes from Party Girl. We rolled in about 12:30 p.m. and began shooting in earnest around 1:30 p.m. Before then I was getting things in order with Conner Hocking, who bounces between being an extra and a production assistant for me. I haven’t had nearly as much behind the scenes footage shot as we have been knocking off scenes in the past, but hoping going forward to produce lots more, as I have some ideas for a few BTS specials that will take a look at the characters and the actors playing them up close and personal. Those will hit the interwebs closer to the premiere of the first episode.

Between takes. Connie's (Ada Perez) about to deal with some bullying. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

Between takes. Connie’s (Ada Perez) about to deal with some bullying. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

The classroom turned greenroom was abuzz with activity as we have several actors on hand to shoot the scenes. It has been great having extras on hand to play other students so the school doesn’t look like a ghost town and it has some sense of realism, if even just a small one. While I ran around planning things and adjusting a few shots giving the layout of the school, I did take stock of the folks in the green room laughing, joking together, running lines and more. It’s cool to see all the work coming together and to have a cast that gets along. They are all great at what they do and continue to highlight the blessing this production has had in the realm of talent.

We shot scenes from episodes 8, 9 and the pilot. We had a couple other things on the docket, but those are better served for the next time we hit up the school. I was particularly interested in seeing more exchanges between Jeanne Lampley, Jacob Drum, Ada Perez and Kyler Hodson. Ada’s scenes as Connie dealing with bullies at the school and running into Benton (Drum) in the hallway, great scenes. Another heated exchange between Rachel (Lampley) and Benton and a fun scene from the pilot that saw Benton face some harassment from J.R. (Hodson), part of the reason he descends to the dark side.

Hale High School's douche crew. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

Hale High School’s douche crew. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

I continue to be amazed by the performances I am capturing. The only time it’s a bummer is when it is from folks who have smaller roles, so we won’t see them as much, but even in that small space of time they are rocking things.

Some have asked about season 2 and their characters place in it, and I do have plans for people but I am trying to keep eyes on the season 1 prize at the moment. Though it does feel good to know people are invested and ready for more.

On the FenCon X (  front, the table is officially bought and paid for, so that is done. We’re currently looking at t-shirt companies who will give us the best deal. Plan is to have Party Girl shirts for cast and crew with them saying “cast” and “crew” on the backs to ID those people. The trailer premiere is shaping up to be the most saturated with people as set to appear are Lampley, Samantha Rieff (Michelle Buchanan), DJ Economou (Ed Buchanan), Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan), Alan Chow (Greg Hix/Grasshopper), Hodson, Normita Joven (Delilah), Nicole Holt (Sen. Chambers) and Greg Vestal (Dr. Eathers). So we should have no problem getting the word out and some attention on the show.

Speaking of which there is of course the Film Break page to find information on

We are hoping more people hype the project and share the page, which has links to both teasers.

Or check the teasers at


Check them out and keep it locked here for more on Party Girl.


Everything is better with sound FX.

Jacob Drum (Benton Alridge/Bookworm) & Normita Joven (Delilah) on set.

That’s what I have found as I have edited the handful of action scenes we have shot so far for Party Girl. Now this is my first foray into action and I am learning as I go. I don’t expect my scenes to be Raid Redemption quality. Not yet. But I have people willing to try things they have not before and they are learning as much as I am. And that’s the thing, learning. Leaving every day of work on this web series, or hell any project…a little smarter and better than before and able to do better job the next day.

I think we are succeeding.

Last night’s fisticuffs were brief, but they look quite cool in the scene I cut together. It involved Jacob Drum (Benton Alridge/Bookworm) and Normita Joven (Delilah). Now Normita has like 60 black belts and has worked on scenes like this for years now on many big time shows, so I am glad we have her on this project lending her talents and expertise.

Directing the action on set in Benton’s Lab.

I  first encountered here when I was looking for a suit actress for an Ameri-toku short film I was going to do as an entry to a short film contest. It didn’t pan out as I never got the costume work started, but her friendship since then  and the contacts she has have been invaluable since.

It was a fun scene with Delilah stealing some stuff from Benton and the brief bit of dialogue between the two of them was good. Jacob continues to shine as Benton and I am really looking forward to people seeing his performance in the episodes.

When it came time for the physical stuff, we tweaked the scene a bit just due to where we were. It was a simple couple of moves we shot several times from different angles. Credit to Jacob again for being a champ and taking the floor bumps he did. It looks great. And with the added sound FX. So awesome. Cannot wait for people to see it.

Other action stuff that has been shot has been the Hell Sisters and Party Girl, shot in Denton and Boyd a few weeks ago as noted. Good stuff and I am learning what to do, what not to do and more importantly how exactly to shoot the scenes so blows aren’t whiffing and breaking the visual illusion of them connecting to people’s faces.

A bruised Sirena Bingham (Christy Felmore) and Party Girl (Jeanne Lampley)

A bruised Sirena Bingham (Christy Felmore) and Party Girl (Jeanne Lampley)

I’m learning, but it’s coming along.

Speaking of coming along, the teaser has come along to 700+ views in 11 days. I am not completely well versed in metrics and such of youtube to know if this is good or bad, lol. But for me, it’s good. I am happy with it. Would I like a million hits, yep. And we will get there by God…but for just blasting it on twitter and facebook, I am good with what we have. As long as people are seeing it. We will start up a more aggressive promotional push once we have wrapped up production in October.

Hoping that month to get a booth/table set up at a convention in Addison to help promote the show. I have already had a few cast members tell me they are up for doing the promo work as well as some actors who have smaller roles in the show willing to put boots on the ground and help promote the show. That means a ton to me to see so many people involved in this really believing in the show and the story and willing to help me get it out there to people.

It’s going to be great.

I posted this on Facbook, but wanted to place it on the blog as well to make sure I grave proper shout outs to the people that deserve them.


It’s 2:14 AM and I am dropping footage from the Party Girl shoot today…and what a shoot it was. We began at 12 p.m. this afternoon in Boyd at Boyd HS and finishing in Denton near 2 a.m. It goes without saying that I am continually overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the work, the dedication and time sacrificed to work on this project, a true dream for me. The folks in Boyd have gone above and beyond what I could have ever asked for with the access to the school facilities they have given us.

Sirena and Ashley put in work today. Lots of work. It was well worth the wait for this shoot day, something I have been looking forward to for many many weeks.

Big ups to Leslie Litvik for providing the shoot with a handful of actors for extras…Joe, Lydia, Connor and Matt, they did far more than just stand around and the final product will benefit greatly from their contributions. I look forward to seeing them on further shoots at the school.

Lamarc Broussard stepped in last minute to fill a role I needed to recast, and he just KILLED it. Cannot wait for people to see it. It’s the little things, the little quirky things that the actors are bringing to the characters as they make them their own…it’s wonderful to see.

Big ups to the parents of all those involved for what you guys went through today. it was a long day but it will be worth it when you see the final product. bruise work20130622_230420

LaDonna Bingman, who only learned bruises in the last couple weeks, she did great on the Hell Sisters and Party Girl.

And of course Jeanne…she continues to show why she is a kick ass Party Girl and an important piece in the machine that is Party Girl.

Thank you all again for today, it was hard work but it was worth it.

Alas, far too long since I blogged, eh?

Well things are moving on two fronts. For Insourcing and for Party Girl.

Insourcing’s first episode will indeed drop on the interwebs on Valentine’s Day. I am going to work on a new teaser cut this weekend to help get the word out about that. I am excited for it. We still have some things we need to shore up on the last couple episodes and hoping to get those taken care of soon enough. I am looking at some advertising costs on a couple web sites that I know get a lot of traffic. Definitely plan to do more than just post the stuff on youtube and tweet about it. Also looking at doing some of that advertising for Dial-A-Ranger’s first season as well.

Dial-A-Ranger is in a think tank phase for season two as the break continues. I have an idea of the arc for the second season and a couple episodes already mapped out, I just have to fill in the rest. There will be more of Stan, more of the SPD Red Ranger and more fellow Rangers. Maybe even some Kamen Riders too, who knows.

Party Girl’s filming kicks off this weekend. Sunday will grace us with Jacob Drum and Chris Goddard as Benton Alridge and Joseph Alridge respectively. The scenes they are working are from the pilot episode. There are set to be some great interactions I am excited to see. I started working on the gauntlet prop for Bookworm. We won’t be getting into the party scene until the summer so I am time to get the version 1 gauntlet finished. But he does have a version 2 I have to get done as well. I thought I had an appointment Saturday, but that fell through so it will leave me time to get some resin work done on the gauntlet.

Emma Weatherford (Rachel Buchanan/Party Girl) learning some movies as her mom, Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan) looks on.

Emma Weatherford (Rachel Buchanan/Party Girl) learning some movies as her mom, Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan) looks on.

In other costume matters, Samantha and I have talked about Grasshopper costume stuff recently and at the second table read on the 16th, she should be bringing me some cost estimates so we can get the materials bought ASAP. We’re ordering the pieces needed for Rachel’s version 1 costume as well. That should be in by the second table read as well, so we’re hoping to get some pics of her in the suit soon.

Emma began working with my fight choreographer a couple weeks ago. Things got held up though due to some personal issues for my fight guy. But I believe those are resolved and we should be getting back into the swing of things this week.

There’s still a couple locations I need to secure for restaurant scenes. I thought I had a couple places on lock, but I don’t. Seems they have let other people in their door in the past to shoot projects and things did not go so well, so the owners are a bit skittish on letting me in. It sucks because it’s something I had no part of and I am paying for it, but hey, that’s the way things go. You just have to adapt.

Not sure how many people will care on the technical side of things but for Party Girl we are moving from a t3i to shoot on to a 5d mark ii. One is a crop sensor camera, the other is a full frame camera. Now I could go into detail on what that means, but I don’t want to bore people. Suffice to say it is a positive move for the production.

Thinking on building a shoulder rig for the camera too. I have seen a few I liked on youtube. I have looked at the cost of some of them to order online and it’s a bit outrageous for me and my budget at this time, so what the hey, why not build it if I can. I am going to combine elements of the rig I built from one of the Frugal Filmmaker’s tutorials and another one, and make a neat set up. I can’t wait to start working on it. Probably will handle that Saturday, while I am waiting for the coats of resin to dry on my props.

A lot to get to this weekend to say the least. But we’re moving forward.

Since we have been receiving submissions from people, we have seen that not all of them fit the roles that had been put out to this point, so we sought to go back and put other parts out there people may be interested and able to play.

Full Season One Casting Breakdown:

Mr. Edward Buchanan (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 11) (male, 40’s Caucasian) – Nine times out of 10 then man is stuck playing peacemaker during verbal spats with his wife and daughters. He tries his best to hang on and make things work, but he is getting closer to his breaking point with his marriage.

Connie Lopez (Episode 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10) (female, 15 – 16 Caucasian/Hispanic or Hispanic)
Best friend of the series lead ever since the two were in diapers. Their relationship hits its share of snags in high school now that Rachel is a rather popular girl and Connie is just sort of an average girl who does not stand out in a crowd. She is on the receiving end of bullying because of rumors of her sexual orientation. A fact she has thus far kept from Rachel.

Whitney Rose/White Rose & Rebecca Rose/Red Rose (Episodes 1,2,3,4,6, 10) (Mid 20’s to Early 30’s Caucasian or Hispanic female, actress will play both characters)
At war with her twin sister over the establishment of her criminal empire in the city. She is educated, carries herself with class and is the rationale thinking one. While she understands violence is necessary in the business, she uses it as a last resort only. While she is at odds with her sister, she is trying to repair the relationship with her father.

Rebecca is the opposite of her sister in so many ways, while Whitney uses charm and cunning, Rebecca leans on violence and force. While Whitney was getting the good grades and accolades, an angry Rebecca spent her time in the streets taking out her frustrations on other people. Rebecca wants the city and wants her father dead.

Sen. Jeffery Rose (Episodes 1, 6,) (male, 50’s Caucasian)

A shady politician with skeletons in his closet and the desire to keep them hidden as he makes a play for the White House.  He wants nothing to do with either of his daughters and the heat they can bring.

Chris Ringer (Episodes 1, 10, 11) (male, 16 – 17, any race)
One of the more popular kids at school. Chris has a thing for Rachel and thinks that he can always win her over with his wealth. He just can’t get the message that it won’t work.

JR Douglas (Episodes 1, 2, 12) (male, 16 – 17, Caucasian, athletic)
Allstate quarterback. Has money out the ass and knows it. He’s at the top of the social ladder in school. It’s cliché, but it’s true girls want him and guys want to be him. He’s not as much of a jerk as he plays it up for the masses, he’s just playing the part he thinks he needs to.

Benton Alridge/Bookworm (Episodes 1,2,3,4, 6, 10, 12) (male, 16 – 17, Caucasian)
Picked on his entire scholastic career, he always retreated into his books when life got him down. He seeks to be as successful as his father, but feels inadequate because while he has the brains, he does not have the brawn, which he feels his father values the most. It is this that motivates him to finally lash out at his tormentors hoping to show his father he can be a man.

Joseph Alridge (Episodes 1,2) (male, 40’s, Caucasian)
Benton’s father. A brilliant researcher for OmniCorps. Tech labs. Knee deep in his work, he neglects his son’s troubles at school, expecting him to man up and figure things out for himself. He’s not a bad father per se, he just expects a lot of his son.

Wyatt Hammer (Episode 1) (male, 16 – 17, any race)
Claims to be an Army brat. Clever and charming and handsome, really catching Rachel’s eye.

Gregory Hix (Episodes 1, 6) (male, 16 – 17, any race)
A student who decides to make the object of his affect love him whether she wants to or not. He uses a pair of experimental leg braces to become a villain that terrorizes the school.

Evelyn Buchanan (Episode 1,2,3,5, 11) (female, 40’s, Caucasian) – A former Olympic caliber gymnast whose career was cut short when she got pregnant at 15. These days she tries to relive her glory days of gymnastics through her daughters, straining her relationships with them and her husband.

Harrison Cade (Episode 1) (30’s – 40’s, male, any race) – Joseph’s research and development partner at OmniCorp. Smart, eager kind of guy.

Mary (Episode 1) (16 – 17, female, any race) – Student at Hale High.

Beth (Episode 2) (16 – 17, female, any race) – Student at Hale High.

Mrs. Gomez – (Episode 1) (female, late 20’s and up, any race) – Guidance counselor at Hale High.

Dr. Wallz (Episode 3) (male, 30’s and up, any race) – Bio chemist kidnapped by White Rose and forced to twist his work for her. He is desperate to get him and his wife out.

Elena Wallz (Episode 3) (female, 30’s and up, any race)  – The captive wife of Dr. Wallz. She is a strong woman even in captivity.

Annabelle Messier (Episode 6) (female, 16 – 17, any race) – Part of the in crowd at Hale High, she has no qualms about using other people to get what she wants and needs.

Mrs. Hix (Episode 6) (female, 40’s, race TBD, depends on Greg Hix casting) – Well-meaning if a bit naiive mother of Greg Hix. She can’t see the dangers of her son’s attraction to Annabelle.

Remy McConnel (Episode 7) (female, 16 – 17, any race, athletic) The first female on Hale High’s wrestling team. She’s a gifted athlete, who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders due to a genetic condition that gives her increased strength but decreased self- control over her temper.

Dr. Weathers (Episode 7) (male, age/race open) – A shady doctor who is looking to make a buck from anyone or anything.

Darchart (Episode 8) (male, mid 20’s, any race, athletic)  – A vigilante hero from Angel City. Even though he has not been around long himself, Darchart carries a bit of a stuck up attitude when it comes to heroics and being able to do the job.

Ty the Magnificent (Episode 9) (male, 18-20, any race) – A struggling small time magician, he is actually a pretty powerful magic wielder out to protect a spell book from his evil parents. He’s not the friendliest of guys, less so if you get in the way of his goal.

Rolo (Episode 9) (male, 40’s and up, race TBD based on Ty’s casting) – Ty’s father, an evil magician out to recover what he feels is rightfully his and Magda’s.

Magda (Episode 9) (female, 40’s and up, race TBD based on Ty’s casting) – Ty’s mother, like Rolo, she’s a magic wielder that has turned to the dark side and become a relentlessly evil person.

Kristi (Episode 10) (female, 15 – 17 any race) – A bully through and through, she loves to make people feel bad about themselves, along with her cohort, Tasha.

Tasha (Episode 10) (female, 15 – 17 any race) – A bully through and through, she loves to make people feel bad about themselves, along with her cohort, Kristi.

Click that link.

Well it will take you to a casting call for the Party Girl Web series we are developing. We are looking to shoot starting in Mid-January and for several months after for the first season. I can’t wait. Party Girl is something I have been stewing on since I was 11th grade. The character began as Marvel Comics fan fiction actually. When the Heroes Reborn universe storyline was done, I enjoyed the new take on Captain America’s sidekick, Bucky. Making her into a female. I wrote fanfiction with her as the center character of the stories for a while before wanting to make something original out of it so I stripped away the marvel connections and tweaked the background of the character to make it my own.

Fast forward to my college years at Louisiana Tech and there was one quarter where I tried to bring Party Girl to life with some friends. We shot a couple things, which I may stitch together at some point if I can dig the tapes out. It didn’t go very far though, as many things I tried to do back then. But I always kept it marinating. Tweaking it, updating characters, origins, adding some people, removing some people from the story. I think I have the strongest version of it going right now and I am reaching out to people to start putting that together and continue to build my body of work, expand my network and have fun making movies and Web shows.

The casting call is for many of the main cast members who appear on the majority of episodes. Though there will be plenty of guest spots for villains and extras throughout the first season. As I have told some people about this, the plan is to shoot the first season to completion. I know a lot of projects these days will shoot a trailer and then try to get funding or shoot half the first season or any combination of episodes and then try to raise money for future seasons. My aim is the same, in a way.

What I would like and plan to do is shoot the first season and try to raise money for the second and third seasons ( I am planning a set three season series) but not have the series handcuffed to needing money to continue. I will write the second and third season on the budget for the first season, with most of the money I am putting into it going toward costumes and equipment rental and food. If I can raise some cash and start compensating some people for their time and talents monetarily, that would be a boon. I am still working on the transition to being able to offer paying gigs to people, but I am confident I will get to that stage and I am confident in the material I will put out there.

Party Girl is going to be fun.

In other news, I continue to edit Insourcing episodes for its late December Interweb premiere. And Dial-A-Ranger will be humming along nicely. The first season is plotted out and the second episode will hit the Web Sunday.

On the graphic novel front, we’re awaiting samples from two more artists and hoping one of them nails the look of Annie Cruz, so we can begin the production part of that project in order for it to be completed around the middle of the year. Will be very excited to get that out there as I believe it will be a game change for Taurian Films.

So stay tuned, we have a lot coming.