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Apologies for following behind on the blogging and updates to what is going on with the handful of projects we have going. We are making some moves here. Schedule type moves. I am realizing the original time table I set for season one of Party Girl is likely not going to happen. Mitigating people’s time and schedules and such considering the size of the cast. I have had a handful of instances in recent weeks that has had me hit the pause button on filming larger chunks so things have been progressing on a smaller scale.

Most recently we shot a scene from the pilot with Ebony Daughtry and Jacob Drum. It’s continues to be a joy to see Jacob as Benton Alridge and I am looking forward to finally getting him and Emma Weatherford (Rachel Buchanan) across from each other on camera. Ebony was great too in her role as the Hale High School Counselor who tries to get through to Benton after the latest round of bullying he experiences.

I had said initially I wanted to finish by August for a November release. But looking at things now it will probably be the first of October when we wrap season one shooting. I am moving things down to accommodate that schedule and will continue to keep people abreast of things in case any of their availability changes with that with other projects they may become attached to or other personal things. I am putting a three week break in late August to mid-September to give my students high school and college some time to get acclimated to their schedules for the new year especially those who may be entering totally new schools.

I will get the new ultimate shooting schedule to folks tonight.
I of course want things to happen now, as I see grand things once it all comes together, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, isn’t that how the quote goes?

Shot a scene with Kevin Green for Insourcing to finally get that back on track. We have episodes 6 – 11 in the can and ready to go, I just got held up on some things on episode 4 and finally got that handled. Will be able to tie things off once I track down one of my more elusive cast members.

Just have to keep trucking forward and stay positive, and I am and I will.


Work continues on with Party Girl even if my consistent blogging has not. I got bogged down a bit ago with a headache and for those who know me, know those take me out of the game for as long as they last. But after taking a week and a half off, we are jumping back into things this weekend with shooting on Saturday and Sunday.

Samantha Reiff, L, as Michelle Buchanan and Emma Weatherford as Rachel Buchanan.

Samantha Reiff, L, as Michelle Buchanan and Emma Weatherford as Rachel Buchanan.

I am anxious to get in another block of filming as the episodes continue to come together with each and every piece we shoot. There have been some scenes that have really knocked things out of the park, particular the Buchanan family dynamic when we added Samantha Reiff as the elder Buchanan daughter, Michelle. She had great chemistry with Emma, DJ and Jenni. It was fun to see their scenes play out.

We have only had a few smatterings of Ada and Emma together but you can see the best friend spark there and what will make for some interesting scenes when we shoot more of them together especially in the season one finale as the character of Connie really takes center stage and evolves and sets up well with what I have in store for her in season two.

Normita as Delilah was fun to see. I didn’t give her direction on things I just let her bring to the table the character as she saw it and I liked what I saw.

Normita Joven as master thief Delilah.

Normita Joven as master thief Delilah.

There are a few things set for reshoot, not because of actor issues, but just technical crap I should have done the first time around and want a chance to do again to shore things up.

In some other fun news, we are beginning talks with the producers of the Allegiance of Powers web series about a crossover venture featuring a handful of characters from Party Girl. I personally am a big fan of when shows do this. I loved all the Law & Order crossover episodes with other L&O shows as well as with Homicide back in the day.


Comics do them all the time and AoP and Party Girl are super hero themed, comic book like series so why not. AoP is on the internet now on several sites and is catching a following so we are looking to help with that, gain some followers ourselves and get the Party Girl characters in the spotlight in the months before the show hits the interwebs in November. Talks are in the early stages and I have given them my idea for a plot for the episode, though that may change based on which actors from my show will be available to shoot for AoP. I will be checking on that soon.

Should be a fun venture.

Also, if you haven’t been watching Insourcing, well you suck. 🙂 Here’s the latest episode, with episode 5 to drop Thursday.