About Taurian Films

Taurian Films is the brainchild of Bj Lewis.
Who is that you ask.
Well, he is a journalist, family man, gamer and all around fun guy who wants to make some movies, a TV show or two and publish some comics books.
Born and raised in Washington, DC, Bj received his bachelors degree in journalism from Louisiana Tech University in 2006 and has gone on to work for a few Texas newspapers covering everything from education, to local government, religion and sports. He’s also produced several video journalism pieces. Long before his 9 to 5 job and long after it, Bj stayed writing everything from comic books to screen plays to novels to poetry and everything in between. He is bound and determined to bring to life all the stories he sat around dreaming up as a child and the ones he continues to think up to this day.

  1. Elvira White-Lewis says:

    Great work and I am glad that your Montessori Education and your meeting Jermaine so many years ago is paying off!!! Most might not know that you began writing stories at the age of 3 and I still have them. I am proud of my son and my other son by another Mother!!!

  2. Artavia Guillory says:

    Bj Lewis, my name is Artavia Guillory and I too am passionate about bringing to life what I’ve be dreaming up since I was a child. Can you help me? I heard about you from UNT’s bullentin board.

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