Jumping out of the Newspaper Game

Posted: 2016/08/01 in Uncategorized

Tales of Bj Lewis, Mostly Intrepid Reporter

Five days.

Well five working days until I am done at the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Surreal to say that in some ways. The DRC has been my 9 to 5 home for the past eight years as I put my Louisiana Tech University journalism degree to use as a reporter. In my time I covered the county before being moved to police/fire. Of course as it was needed I covered education, city, entertainment and so many other things that could be categorized in any number of beats.

But I’m about to be done.

Not because a city or county official was miffed at me for a story I wrote and used their influence to get me axed. Though a few tried over the years.

It wasn’t because some dude was stalking my twitter page and sent a trio of tweets and a super long email to my current bosses in some…

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