And fill the cast we did thanks to work put in Sunday.

It was a busy day as we were busy in a few areas. We held auditions for more roles in CKS and the other thing we did was film a short episode of CKS. Micro-chapter, micro episode, mini episode, whatever your preferred description of it, that is what we filmed. We conceived it to accomplish a few things. To give us something relatively quick and easy we could do. To give us some content to put out there involving CKS. To give those involved a chance to get an early start on playing their character on camera. We think we succeeded in that and that the ladies involved got to learn a bit about what it takes to do the fight scenes. Being skilled in their various martial arts is one thing, but bringing it in front of the camera is something else and we wanted them to get a feel for that before we film the pilot.

Speaking of the pilot, we are tweaking the script again. In addition to general edits to tighten up dialogue, we are changing the town the story takes place. While the high school will remain Dakota High School we are changing the story to take place in actual Denton, TX. The goal is to use the sights and sounds of Denton as well as some of the haunts in the show. Hopefully we can garner some support from local businesses and local people that way as well.


Wen-chieh Chi – The Next



We cast a few roles out of the auditions Sunday, big and small roles. One of the highlights being the role of THE NEXT. The First and The Next are two former cheer members who had a falling out with Mark and left the school (or were kicked out if you ask them) they are a very important part of the first season and we wanted to have a couple kick ass actresses to play them. We already had Maddy Cerda on board for The First and now we have Wen-chieh Chi and her  taekwondo black belt for The Next. She is an aspiring actress and action star and is eager to take on CKS and we could not be happier to have her.

We found a few more side characters in Barron Hodges, his best friend, Trip Stephens, a few of the other players at the school, and more. We did OK I believe. And of course,  for more information on casting, feel free to check out

We’re excited for what the series can be, we just have to get to filming and make it happen.


A few BTS videos to show what exactly we were up to Sunday in addition to auditions.


Lots more BTS content to come as more join the cast, as the girls train as we hold table reads and actually get to filming.

Hopefully people enjoy what they see and will check out the show when it is released later this year!


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