20 Minutes or Less – The Post Race is On

Posted: 2016/04/06 in Entertainment, film, movies, Uncategorized, web series

There was good times with kick ass people this past weekend as we filmed Taurian Films entry into the Rack Focus film competition. We were welcomed in at Zini’s Pizza in Deep Ellum on Saturday and filming continued Sunday afternoon at Mabrey Studios (AKA the House of Jenni Mabrey that we used for filming lots of Party Girl: The Series).

It was a long as day and I am very appreciative of everyone’s hard work, dedication, patience and skills to help make the short.


On set and filming 20 Minutes Or Less.

There are some technical things I could nitpick on my end as I do my retrospective thinking, and probably will. Some things I am seeing as I edit the rough cut that’s annoying me. Stuff I have caught before, but didn’t this time. Constantly learning. That’s what I have to chalk it up to. Of course everyone else was top notch. Gabriella and Kerry were amazing, and it only reinforced my joy at meeting Gabriella and learning of her skillset and being able to use that for 20 Minutes or Less and the upcoming Cheerleader Karate School. 20MinutesOrLess.Still002

Everyone was great on set in front of the camera and behind it, helping out setting up and tearing things down.

Hopefully they all feel the end product is worth their time and talent.

Waiting on a buddy of mine to work up an original musical score for it and we have some ADR work to do. Other than that and tooling away on the cut of the film, just waiting now for the information on the screening date so we can plan to attend that. 20MinutesOrLess.Still001

Be on the look out for that because when we know, you will know.

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