And then there were 5 (actors)

Posted: 2016/03/15 in Comic books, crowdfunding, Entertainment, film, graphic novels, movies, super heroes, Uncategorized, web series

And then there were five.

After another round of auditions, the requisite amount of last second cancellations and no shows, we have emerged with what we think is going to be a great core group of young actresses for our Cheerleader Karate School project.

As we have stated, we wanted a few things with this project. We wanted talented eager actresses ready to put in work and help us build a strong franchise type of product and we wanted legit ass kickers. And we believe that what is what we have.

The first to join our squad, with 12 years of MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Kenpo-Karate and Jiu-Jitsu in her background was the incomparable Gabriella Corvina as FIORELLA “FI” ESPINOZA. Gabriella came to us as we looked for actors for the SHIFT series.


Gabriella Corvina

We have since had to put that plan on the shelf after losing our lead a few days before the first shooting day. Gabriella listed her martial arts background on her resume and after confirming it was legit we became interested in going forward with CKS, one of a zillion projects swimming around in Bj’s head at any given time. We wanted a certain look and feel to the show and especially the action scenes when they happen. We wanted a certain legitimacy to them and wanted martial artists to give us that. People will be able to get an early look at what Gabriella can do in May when she appears in the short film, 20 Minutes or Less, that Taurian Films is producing for the Rack Focus Dallas film competition.

The second to join our squad, with a black belt in Taekwondo was Christine Rejcek as the spunky trouble maker BRICE VACARRO. Like Gabriella, Christine came to us through SHIFT.


Christine Rejcek

Just talking in general with her about future ideas, Christine let it be known about her blackbelt and the wheels were spinning in Bj’s head. Without specifically looking for it, he had landed two of the five girls he needed for CKS!


Fast forward a few weeks later and now all of them have been locked in.

Jumping on board CKS as the fiery TYESHA BANKS and bringing along some boxing and kickboxing skills with her is Maya DeBruce. After talking to her at the audition we felt she would bring enthusiasm, positive energy and dedication to the project and that is what we need to make it all happen.


Maya DeBruce

Summer Dobozy has some fight choreography training, hip hop dance training experience with her alongside an eagerness to soak up some more martial arts knowledge. Couple that with her acting chops and she is going to make a great KEEGAN FOX. Summer has read for us a few times in the past and we felt she could be what we needed for the role in CKS.


Summer Dobozy

Rounding out the butt kicking cheer team… Kalei Lozano. With her comes eight years of dance, three years of competition cheer and four years or karate (so far, she’s looking to bolster that), along with some musical talents. Kalei read for Josey Rae and while she read great with Christine and seemed eager and ready to jump on the project, we didn’t know if she would fit the specs of what we set for Josey Rae.


Kalei Lozano

BUT by the same token, we didn’t want to not come away with Kalei on the project particularly with her martial arts background. So we retooled a bit of the background and personality for Josey Rae (not by too too much) and she will now be HEATHER ARRINGTON in CKS.

So we are locked and loaded and ready to go.

The page on facebook is

The Hashtags of choice are #CheerleaderKarateSchool and #CKS on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.

The plan is to film the teaser and act one portion of the pilot. That will be two days, one evening here in Denton and one day in Boyd, TX at the high school there. After that we try and raise some capital to finish the pilot as well as the rest of the first season.


We’ve got some swag coming along including some great T-shirts that will be produced by Denton’s ND TShirt Company. We have some pre-orders on deck for those and we’re excited to get them out into the world and start to build up support for the show. Also planning on some convention appearances and other moves to get people to notice us. Grassroots is the way to go.

It won’t be easy of course. We have lessons learned from Party Girl: The Series that we are looking to apply to CKS and improve our results and get more people watching us and what we are producing.

We have a fun story, a diverse cast with women at the forefront of things and plenty of other reasons for people to check out Cheerleader Karate School.

Now to just see what happens.


Submitting season two of Party Girl to the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. They have a category for Web Series over 11 minutes which fits the show. We have entered Party Girl in a couple fests thus far and haven’t found success. Here’s hoping fortune changes for us with this latest one.


In the meantime you can check out the show and see some great performances by a host of talented up and coming actors led by Cait Pool, who is going to become a household name sooner than later.


And of course, check out our Suicide Squad fanfilm, A Typical Tuesday, coming very very soon.


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