SHIFT-ing our (Rack) Focus…

Posted: 2016/02/15 in Comic books, crowdfunding, Entertainment, film, graphic novels, movies, super heroes, Uncategorized, web series

See what we did there?

Well as mentioned, we are shifting our focus a bit. Our plan was to film SHIFT during the month of February and tinker away with it in post during the month of March while we filmed our entry into the 3rd Rack Focus film competition.  Our first SHIFT shoot was to be this past weekend, but due to scheduling and other factors we are parting ways with Shelby Chambers in the lead role of JENNIFER EARHEART. It happens to the best of it. We are looking at replacing the lead role and hope to do that sooner than later.

So in the meantime we are flipping our plans and working on 20 Minutes or Less in earnest as that project is cast and we just need the locations still. A pizza place, a big ass house and a moped. But we have every confidence we will find what we need and be ready to film very soon and finish the production well in advance of the May 7th Rack Focus 3 deadline.

I’m excited, we have some great people set to work on 20 Minutes or Less including Gabriella Corvina, Kerry McCormick, Michael Loud, Shannon Houk, Albert Louis, Fabian Lopez, Glenn Franklin, Tiffany Lang and more. We’re geeked. The big part of things is trying to choreograph and shoot the action in a way that will somehow be different than what we have seen before. I believe we will be the only straight up action short in this round so we definitely want to stand up and stand out from the others.

In the meantime, check out a couple of our projects below. Our beloved Party Girl: The Series! And our Suicide Squad fan film!

And be on the look out for more news on our HTB graphic novel/film project teaming Taurian Films with Annie Cruz!




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