Racking Some Focus

Posted: 2016/02/10 in Comic books, Entertainment, film, movies, Uncategorized, web series

The Round 3 Pitch Meeting has come and gone. And this time myself and Taurian Films is in it. I have a script, I have some interested people and I intend to bring the contest and the world 20 Minutes or Less…’pizza eating and ass beatings’

We will be filming it in March since for a few weekends in February, I will be tied up with SHIFT. And the awesome project that will be.


Presenting my idea at the Rack Focus 3 Mixer.

For those who may not have been at the pitch session and are interested, here’s the long and short of it:

A stated at the pitch session, this will be an action short. I intend to film it in March in the DFW area ideally, but I do have a possible location lead in McKinney.

The plan is for two days of shooting. One day at the pizza place and one day at the house where the action takes place. There will be at least two days of work with the fight choreography. It’s not super in depth for everyone but we will learn it and rehearse it to be prepared for a smooth shoot.

I am casting more or less on headshots/reels and availability for most roles. For those that require me to see more of an actor, I will reach out to them to set things up.

My needs:

Location – Big ass house that would befit a crime boss.

Location – Mom and pop type of pizza place that will let us film there. We can incorporate their name for some free advertisement for them or leave it out, whatever works.

Cast – 8-10 goons. Well dressed men (and women) of any ethnicity (18-40s) to get their asses kicked on screen. A few of them have speaking parts, albeit brief ones. (It’s a 10-minute short so everyone can’t have a Shakespearean soliloquies).

Cast – Female bodyguard, 18 – 30s, with martial arts background ideally. Will look at those with gymnastics/other athletics in their background.

Cast – Pizza place extras. Of those I don’t know how many I need just yet, it will depend on the pizza place location and what we want/can bring in there.

Crew – 1st AD, Set PA, Script super, boom operator, make up artist (good with blood, wounds, bruises), camera operator (possibly, I have not decided if I am going to do any of the shooting or not, may need an op for a second camera), set photographer (i never do enough BTS material so I am going to definitely look at doing more)


If you have any questions feel free to hit me up @ taurianfilms@gmail.com and ask. If this seems like something you want in on, LMK and I will get you the script and we can talk more.



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