Had a grand blog plan, then I went to work…

Posted: 2016/01/02 in Uncategorized

Tales of Bj Lewis, Mostly Intrepid Reporter

I had this grand plan of getting back on track with blogging in 2016. Like really back on track, a nice weekly schedule since you can’t gain reader traction doing it every now and then. I was waiting for the new year, I was going to drop an epic blog today declaring my intent and carrying through with things and plans for the year.

And then I went to work. From the moment I got to work at the Denton Record-Chronicle, the only reporter on staff for the day I was working on on gathering information on a shooting that happened early Friday morning following a NYE gathering. Turns out the shooting incident was the eventual death of 20-year-old University of North Texas student Sara Mutschlechner. Sara was taken off life support sometime around 7 p.m. Friday.

If you read the scores of tweets, posts about Sara, she is someone…

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