Rack Focus – A DFW film competition and our plans.

Posted: 2015/09/05 in Comic books, Entertainment, film, graphic novels, movies, super heroes, web series
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….is a new film competition for us local DFW area filmmakers started by Israel Luna. The screening for the first competition was held a few weeks ago at the historic Texas Theater and saw eight movies screened for judges and moviegoers. It was cool to see as I know and have worked with many of the people involved in many of the films. There were some hiccups to be had given it was the first ever event for the competition. I like the idea of it though and we were looking forward to participating in the second competition.

But we missed out. While we have our 10-minute movie script ready to go and were prepared to pay the entry fee before the deadline, we were not prepared for the deadline to be moved up due to so many people entering. There were 30 submissions totaled when they closed the submissions 14 hours before the deadline.

It’s nice that the contest has grown so quickly, but yeah, it sucked for us.

But, as stated, we have the script, we have the cast and we have the desire to see this film completed. So It will be done over the next couple months and finished in what would have been time enough for the Rack Focus deadline and screening, but we will screen it ourselves. We are going to drop out Suicide Squad fanfilm in December, screening it at the Texas Theater and we will have our planned film, “20 Minutes of Less” screen before the Squad film so it can be seen on the big screen. It’s going to be a great little short with some humor and some action courtesy of Adrenaline Fights & Stunts.

We’re looking forward to it.

In the meantime of course, please do check out what we have going now….

The newest Party Girl: The Series Micro Chapter

The Suicide Squad: A Typical Tuesday fanfilm Teaser


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