Constant promotion of your projects is the only way people are going to pay attention to it. With so many things out there competing for attention (I’m blogging this as I play with my dog , contemplate breakfast and fire up my PS4) you have to do what you can, everything you can to get out in front of people and show them that your content (whatever it may be) is worth taking the time out to see.

So it is with that intent that I joined the Dallas-based Twisted Fiction Radio show Tuesday night.

It was a good time and good chance to talk about things I have going on including Party Girl: The Series, HTB, Crapshoot and our Suicide Squad: A Typical Tuesday fanfilm and ideally people came away with some curiosity to check out what we here at Taurian Films have going on.

You can check out the show at –>

Get caught up with the latest Party Girl: The Series episode.

Our Suicide Squad fanfilm teaser.

  1. Dr. E W Lewis says:

    Great radio interview!!!

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