Party Girl: The Series Season Two Kick Off

Posted: 2015/05/05 in Uncategorized
The Buchanan Family  (Left to Right, Cait Pool (Rachel Buchanan), DJ Economou (Edward Buchanan), Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan) and Lydia Williams (Michelle Buchanan)

The Buchanan Family
(Left to Right, Cait Pool (Rachel Buchanan), DJ Economou (Edward Buchanan), Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan) and Lydia Williams (Michelle Buchanan)

…and it has came and went.

We celebrated the second season of Party Girl: The Series with a screening at the historic Texas Theatre the night of May 4th. It’s becoming a familiar haunt and my favorite place, so far, to screen my work and the work of many many many other talented Texans. Actors not just in Party Girl, but in other projects whose trailers played before Party Girl.

The rain sucked. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Making the trip from Denton at even more than an hour headstart put us there close to the starting time. Construction, mixed with rain was no bueno. And once we got there, the downpour really started. No telling how many folks were kept away because of the rain. Mother Nature just out to get us I suppose, lol. One day, mark my words, the hype train will be big enough for my work that people will just say screw the elements and pack the theaters. But I am still very grateful for those who came out last night, the cast, crew and family and friends.

Eats were provided by Delicious to the Soul for the second time, and I plan on having her every time, as again, I like to give people a platform to showcase their work so I definitely want Jacqueline Simpson to have one to display her cooking talents and hopefully pick up some new clients and customers.

Prior to Party Girl, trailers were seen for Left, (which looks amazing), Michael Green’s TruSux My Bloodline, The Allegiance of Powers feature, Fred Keel’s Streets of Harvest, Dennis O’neil’s Bail Out, Greg Vestal’s Soulcatcher and for a small fan film I am working on. Hopefully people who had not heard of any of those projects before Monday will now be inclined to check them out and give their support.

Chatting it up with SCNS: Live

Chatting it up with SCNS: Live

Jason Dilworth was on hand to get some footage and interviews for SCNS:Live. Was great to have him and his crew there and the support they continue to give the show.

And then it was on to the screening of Party Girl’s first two season two episodes. So that’s where my nitpicks comes into play. Audio was an issue, as it always is. Something we all struggle with on this level. But of course I do have a guy waiting in the wings to work on that, so that will be better when the episodes come out. There were some technical snafus in the project file so some sound and music was off. And the picture was off to. I swear that when I look at it on my screen  and hear it in on my speakers and through my headphones it’s different than played on the big screen and through the big speakers. But that’s just something you have to take into account when you are working in post. Is it just me or is it the screen settings, have to consider all things.

In hindsight, the first couple chapters aren’t the smoothest and were not from a filming standpoint, but they are still good ones alongside the other episodes of the season. Again, it’s just getting people to see them.

That’s the struggle today, tomorrow and the day after and we are ready for that and ready to bring people more Party Girl.


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