More places and hopefully more faces seeing Party Girl.

Posted: 2015/02/13 in Comic books, Entertainment, film, movies, super heroes, web series
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It’s always nice to talk to people who seem like they will actually be about something. One thing we have learned in this so far is that lots of people talk about lots of things they want to do, plan to do, etc. and they don’t back up their boats.

Last night we spoke at length with Thomas “TL” Lewis, founder/chairman of Lawless Entertainment, an entertainment company that deals in music production and promotion, marketing and a host of other related services. We spoke about the have and have nots and our usual position of being the have nots, but who possess the desire and drive and work ethic to take our products, our message, our work to the people.  One such way is through a web TV presence Lewis is laying the foundation for. We are not strangers to have people want to use Party Girl to help build there content base as they launch a new channel. We’re glad they think of the show enough to have it amongst the first run content they launch with and ultimately hope will hook people to stay on their channel and to keep watching it.

Lewis also had some lofty goals and plans for the future and he seems like he can make it happen or at least that he will bust his rear end to make it happen and we of course respect that drive and we look forward to seeing what we can do for each other in the future.

Hopefully by working with him we can get Party Girl in front of other people we otherwise would not have a chance to and the show can continue to grow.

Check them out at the links below:

Lawless Entertainment
Thomas “TL” Lewis, Founder/Chairman

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