T’was a fun North Texas Comic Book Show

Posted: 2015/01/26 in Uncategorized
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…as these cons always are promoting Party Girl.

Me, Cage-ing out one more time at the North Texas Comic Book Show!

Me, Cage-ing out one more time at the North Texas Comic Book Show!

Said it before and will again that it is fun and vital to get out in front of people, in their faces to tell them about the show. A lot of the time I was talking to people I could feel them take on my enthusiasm for the show the more they heard about it. Which is of course what I want. Granted a con is a weekend where they will be bombarded with sights to see and things to do, so you do wonder if they can even retain things 30 minutes later, an hour later, a day later when they are at home and going through their bags of swag. Will they see the flyer or card for Party Girl and make that mental note to check out the show or will they chuck it in the trash with the other stuff they have forgotten about. It happens. I know that.

Making friends at the con.

Cait Pool (Party Girl) and Caly Pool (Harley) making friends at the con.

But hopefully more people remembered than forgot and more people will check out the show than will ignore it. That’s what it continues to be about right now, just grinding and getting attention and hopefully people latch onto it, watch the first season and are ready and willing to hit season two along with us in May.

Cait and I sat down with Jason the X from SCNS:Live in advance of our in studio appearance Thursday that will see the debut of the new season two teaser. Always enjoy talking to those guys and their support for the show.

Beyond that we made some contacts, met some cool people and just hope it leads to good things, positive things in the future for us and for Party Girl.


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