North Texas Comic Book Show, here we come!

Posted: 2015/01/20 in Comic books, Entertainment, film, super heroes, web series
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Folks milling about at the two day convention in Dallas this weekend will get to meet myself and series star, Cait Pool (Saturday only) at the show.

We were there for the November show and made lots of friends and potential contacts and we are looking to make a bigger impact and get more exposure for the show this time around as well.

Getting out and actually talking to people and telling them about the show is the best way to get people to check it out, I think. They can really see the passion we have for the show in person rather than text and if we’re excited about it, it gets them excited and so on and so on.

Good times. Can’t wait.

We filmed a bit this weekend. Big thanks to those who came out Sunday to help us with some reshoots.

There was some fun physical fight stuff for Cait as well. She has come a long way since the first time she filmed and the first punch she ever threw on camera. Anxious to see how she continues to improve.

Things are looking good for the series when it drops May 4.

The first teaser is coming soon and here’s a quick look at a couple of the characters viewers will meet.


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