2015 Iron’s in the Fire…#PartyGirl and #Annie Cruz and Beyond…

Posted: 2015/01/16 in Comic books, crowdfunding, Entertainment, film, graphic novels, movies, super heroes, web series
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2015 is of course off into high gear and we have made it a point to get moving on our projects. You get out of them what you put into them, right? As far as recognition, word of mouth…people have tons of other things going on so you have to really do your part to step out in front of them and show them that you have something and that your something is good.

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

It’s happened slowly but surely with Party Girl, Taurian Films chief export right now.

Season one is online.

Season two is nearly done. We of course wanted it to be completely done by now, but when you have as many actors as we have had for it and with the talent they possess, they get pulled into lots of projects, bigger projects and lots of times paying projects, so we have to wait our turn. It’s the way it is for the moment, until we crack that consistent funding code and we’re not scraping together all we can to pay for things related to the project.

Speaking of, I am looking at taking on a workshop gig teaching at risk youth multimedia and having them work towards generating their own short video project. What those projects will be, I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see what can be created when you take those minds and that energy and put it towards something positive. Planning on using that payday towards some post production work on Party Girl (mostly the sound) and hopefully raising some money for the rest.

Party Girl is seen on a handful of Roku channels, most recently Maiden Network and we are eyeing some international outlets as well.

The North Texas Comic Book Show is in a week in Dallas and our plan is to be there promoting the show as well. We’ve gotten good responses as the cons we have went to so far and looking to have things continue as we work to build up interest in the Party Girl season two when it drops May 4th at a special screening at the Texas Theater. Really looking forward to that as things will definitely go a lot smoother than the season one screening and subsequent release of the episodes online. Not afraid to say things could have gone better, but we take our lumps, we learn and we get better and we’re anxious to show how we have gotten better.

The first teaser for season one is set to debut on the Jan 29th installment of SCNS: Live with myself and Cait Pool in their studio talking about the show. Can’t wait for it as those guys are always very supportive of the show.

A past pin up sketch for HTB. Annie has lent her likeness to the main character for the book and plans to star in the film adaption.

A past pin up sketch for HTB. Annie has lent her likeness to the main character for the book and plans to star in the film adaption.

The other big iron that has been thrown in the fire is HTB, Hard Target B*tch, a graphic novel/film project that has been in the works for a while now. It’s been gestating, getting tweaked here and there, movement hasn’t been supremely fast on it for the simple fact that we need money to go forth with it. The size and scope of both the graphic novel and the film are out of our financial wheelhouse at the moment and we’re hoping our fundraising efforts, both crowdfunding and seeking other investors, can yield success.

The crowdfunding part of things is online on Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/HTBBook/x and we’re hoping fans of Mz. Cruz can help get the ball rolling on the support of the book. In our mad plan, the book gets made and its a made to order blue print of how the film can be done and will be done and hopefully people who would potentially help fund it, can see that and get behind it. Because it’s not moving forward without funding.

We shall see.

Coming down the pike as well this year a couple pilot pitches, the third and final season of Party Girl and…who knows what else.

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