North Texas Comic Book Show And…

Posted: 2014/11/24 in Comic books, Entertainment
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So late getting an update in about the North Texas Comic Book Show.

In short, a good time. I was rocking the Luke Cage attire again. I am thinking Iron Fist for the next one. Or Luke one day and Danny the next. Definitely well worth it to attend the convention to meet people and to try and get more people to see the show. Met some people who can lead to bigger things and larger exposure for the show in the future, which is always good.

Sat down with Jason the X from SCNS live for a quick and fun interview. Though next time I will know to keep my hands off the table. The table tapping was killing it.

And a fun small world type of story….

Talked to Chris Garrett at the show. Good guy, great comic concept. Check it out.

Fun fact…years ago when I was attempting to bring Party Girl to life in Victoria when I lived there, Chris was going to help me with the project. Things fell through and we lost touch. Years later we meet again at the con and he still has some of the old emails discussing Party Girl.

Small world.

More conventions are on the docket in the future. We are a little less than a month from finishing season two. We had a slight set back with the need to recast an actor but the recasting gods smiled down on us and delivered Lydia Abigail Williams to take over as Michelle Buchanan. We filled with her today and she did a great job. Can’t wait to work more with her.

Grinding. One day at a time.


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