Party Girl at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con!

Posted: 2014/10/26 in Uncategorized
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TYLER – Day One of the Tyler Rose City Comic Con. Our very own Cait Pool was on hand with a few cast and crew members helping spread the news about Party Girl to the throngs of people in attendance for the convention.


One of the many great people met in Tyler at the convention!

It was a great time and a great crowd that was won over again and again by Cait’s charm and personality!

Attending the convention was a new experience for many of the Party Girl cast and crew in the way of promoting the web series. It was work. That’s the important lesson. An ongoing lesson. That getting people to notice the show and to get them to want to see the show is going to be work. It’s a grind day in and day out to show people that Party Girl is worth their time and effort to see the show.

It will be interesting to see in the coming days following the convention after people have had time to come down from the highs of attending the event and the fun they had, if they indeed check out the show as they said they would as Bj, Cait and the rest were giving them cards and flyers and firing off elevator pitches at them for the show.

The crew will be onhand for day two, keeping the grind going.

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