Party Girl Web Series Chapter XIII and beyond!

Posted: 2014/10/12 in Comic books, Entertainment
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Finally, Chapter XIII of the Party Girl Web Series is out and on the interwebs, ending the saga that is season one. As I sit back and look at the body of work that is the beginning of Rachel Buchanan’s journey to becoming a hero, I see lots of things. I see tons of people willing to donate their time and energy to bring the story to life. I see lots of talented people from all over north Texas. I see lots of sacrifices made by others and myself because we believed in the story and the characters.
It was certainly a learning experience. I have done a couple smaller series in the past, a fan film and a short 48hr film contest entry, but this was the first project of this caliber I ever attempted. Choosing to go at it with only the money I had in my pocket and support from my other half in Stephney and lucking into some amazing people. These people put up with lots of shoots, early shoots, late shoots, long shoots, reshoots…all because they believed in the story. I’d be here all day trying to name everyone involved in this in front of the camera and behind the camera and trying to mention them, I’d hate to leave anyone out. Suffice to say if you had any hand in the Party Girl web series production, on screen, off screen, sharing the Facebook page official site, anything at all that helped grow the show, you have my unending thanks and praise.
As I look over the episodes there are of course things I see that I wish could have gone another way when we filmed. A lot of our shoots were trying to get the highest percentage of the written script filmed. It didn’t always happen due to personnel, locations and resources on hand or resources we had that evaporated hours to mere minutes before scheduled shoots. There are technical things of course, lighting, sound, shot framing that I am learning and hope I am improving on.

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

It’s a start. It’s a benchmark and it’s a place to go from. We created a character and a world from nothing and I can’t help but smile at that fact.
Thanks to you all. Thanks to Jeanne for donning the mask and kicking things off for Rachel Buchanan.
The baton is being passed now to Cait Pool, a talented young actress, who, mark my words, is going to be big one day soon. I am happy to have her giving her time and talent to Party Girl.
As we go forward we are grinding every day to get more people to notice Party Girl. We have convention appearances, we are teaming up with comic book stores for promotions and we are on one Roku channel, with another to come soon, a streaming web site and a local Texas television channel.
Do I wish for greater returns much sooner, of course. But every day is a step forward and another opportunity to put my nose to the grindstone and get Party Girl out there. We are doing great things and more people need to see it and I am going to do my best to make sure that happens.
Hopefully you all will continue to come with me along this crazy ride.

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