Party Girl Episode One is a Go!

Posted: 2014/03/21 in Uncategorized
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After months of shooting, months of hard work and sacrifices made by so many, the web series I have been dreaming about and talking about and filming is here!


Minutes before the pre-screening at the Texas Theatre, March 10.

Party Girl’s first episode dropped online Monday, a week after an advance screening held at the Texas Theatre, the first episode is online. While we were going to launch with a double-sized first episode, we decided to split the episode into two, so there will be 13 first season episodes rather than 12.

Response has been positive so far, the only major issue or critique has been with audio in some places, which I knew was coming. The way we had to film the first season we were limited with our audio options both during filming and in post since it was just me doing it, be we already have a few acquisitions that will allow us to have stronger sound the next time around for season two and

Writer/Director Bj Lewis with his mother and brother after the pre-screening event.

Writer/Director Bj Lewis with his mother and brother after the pre-screening event.

we’re excited to get started with that to show those improvements.

But that’s not to put down the first season in any way or look past it. You have some epic performances from all the actors involved from the main players to those in the background. I would endeavor to name some here, but I’d feel bad inevitably leaving out some individuals. Needless to say it has been an incredibly collaborative effort that I could not have completed without the help of many people from casting, to cast to crew and everything in between.

And of course Stephney Keller, who is responsible for much of this show being possible, I would be remiss not to mention her contributions as well.

We made something great here and I am glad people are bearing witness to it at long last.

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