Monday marked a great occasion as we took another step toward bringing HTB to life.

Me, Jermaine and Annie

Bj, Jermaine and Annie meeting summer 2012 in LA to talk all things HTB.

HTB is a screenplay written by me (Bj Lewis) a few years ago as part of the April Script Frenzy event. I had the character around for longer than that, and had started planning some aspects of it, but it was really Script Frenzy that gave me the kick in the pants to bang out a draft of the script.

Annie Cruz prepping for the kickstarter campaign video.

Annie Cruz prepping for the kickstarter campaign video.

Over the years, I got my brother from another mother, Jermaine Spencer involved in it, fulfilling dreams and aspirations the two of us have had our entire lives. And then the heavens opened and we got Annie Cruz involved in the project and things could really roll.

Last year, as mentioned on this blog before, while on a trip to California for Power Morphicon, Steph, Jermaine and myself met up with Annie and outlined the project and our intentions and got her fully on board.

We nailed down a potential budget and decided to go the crowdfunding route to bring the character to life. As part of that endeavor we have been planning the campaign, the videos, the perks all that fun stuff.

Monday, Jermaine got Annie in front of the camera to record her portion of the pitch video as well as recording content for some other videos we will post as the campaign goes on.

I plan on a longer blog on this and detailing the creative history between Jermaine and myself, but I just wanted to mark this step in the process.

It’s exciting and continues to motivate us.

Find more information at

And of course even with the movement on HTB, my primary focus on my end of the world in Texas is Party Girl and continuing to do what I need to do to bring it to life. Footage and project files are in the hands of Jason Terry who will do the FX, so ideally that goes smoothly. We will be working closer together in future episodes to make sure what we shoot makes it nice and easy for him to do his FX work.

Party Girl Still 1

A still from episode 1.7 “For My Sister” featuring Party Girl’s battle with Delilah, a thief from Angel City.

The search for music continues and the search for a grasp of when to use music and when not to continues. I realize larger projects have people specifically to handle the musical end of things, but this is one of a million other things I am handling myself for this project. But when in doubt, do it yourself right?

Soon, very soon, it will be released and years of hardwork can be seen by the public.


And of course more can be seen at…

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