Den10 All Stars “Christmas in S.E.D.” video

Posted: 2013/12/26 in Uncategorized
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As most know, my 9 to 5 is county government/video media reporter for the Denton Record Chronicle

We at the Denton Record Chronicle aspire to do new and innovative projects and presentations outside of what is printed in the paper or thrown online. Not all projects are knocked out of the park due to time, scheduling and other things that come up.

The 12 Days of Christmas Video Project was one of those. The intent was to have 12 videos from 12 different Denton area artist of different musical styles counting down the days until Christmas in the own special way. The totality of the project didn’t happen, but here is one of the videos done for the project by me, featuring the Den10 Allstars.

T’was a fun project as I haven’t done music videos before so it was a fun experience. Things were kind of thrown together on the fly, but it was a learning experience, which is the important thing.

This project will live on in 2014 ideally and we will get a much earlier start on getting it done.

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