We are near the end. We pretty much have this weekend of shooting and some idle pick ups here and there with some of you guys who I have been in touch with.
The majority of shooting is done with rough cuts of several episodes in existence. They will be sent to my brother in Cali as he will be doing the final color grading on it. The first episode is still set for January, but we are contemplating the 20th of January rather than the 13th. Still a Monday, but Denton County’s own little Ice-Mageddon a few weeks ago kind of threw things off.
Will keep you guys up to date.
The important thing is we are nearly there and the world can finally see what  the cast and crew have been working on for months. I have said many many times and will continue to say how thankful and humbled I have been by the dedication, work and sacrifice everyone has done to bring this project to life. It’s been nothing less than a dream to see it coming together, to see a little story I started writing when I was 15 blossom years later into this show.
It’s just awesome.
We have some sneak peek featurettes for the masses, the latest one featuring Caden Blevins who plays Darchart in episode 1.8.

The next one will feature Giovannie Cruz (Red Rose/White Rose)

We have a couple other things in the works we will use to flesh out the world of Party Girl and give people more material to chew on alongside the episodes.

We’re getting closer to that premiere date and things are getting exciting to say the least.

Also, mark down Jan. 26 on your calendars and planners. That date is the first (of what I am sure they hope is annual) Helio-Con. A convention emanating from Lewisville, TX.

Party Girl will be there.

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