FenConX and Party Girl!!

Posted: 2013/10/07 in Uncategorized

Blog on FenCon X

Tales of Bj Lewis, Mostly Intrepid Reporter

Saturday evening was FenCon X.

Well the whole weekend was FenCon X, but after a couple things that happened to hit our wallet leading up to the con, we at Taurian Films, thought it best to forgo the booth rental this year as we would not be set up like we had talked about and planned for this convention. So we spoke to the dealer people and they were cool about it, as they found someone quickly to take the table and rolled our rental to next year’s con. Nice of them.

What we still had was the screening time from 6 to 6:30 p.m.

And screen we did, a behind the scenes featurette on the Party Girl web series as well as the third new teaser for the show. It was the first time anyone laid eyes on either item.

The crowd in the room was mostly cast/crew members…

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