Checking the last take as folks get ready to go for another.

Checking the last take as folks get ready to go for another. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

Saturday was a long but productive day. Once again Boyd ISD opened the doors of the high school to us to shoot more scenes from Party Girl. We rolled in about 12:30 p.m. and began shooting in earnest around 1:30 p.m. Before then I was getting things in order with Conner Hocking, who bounces between being an extra and a production assistant for me. I haven’t had nearly as much behind the scenes footage shot as we have been knocking off scenes in the past, but hoping going forward to produce lots more, as I have some ideas for a few BTS specials that will take a look at the characters and the actors playing them up close and personal. Those will hit the interwebs closer to the premiere of the first episode.

Between takes. Connie's (Ada Perez) about to deal with some bullying. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

Between takes. Connie’s (Ada Perez) about to deal with some bullying. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

The classroom turned greenroom was abuzz with activity as we have several actors on hand to shoot the scenes. It has been great having extras on hand to play other students so the school doesn’t look like a ghost town and it has some sense of realism, if even just a small one. While I ran around planning things and adjusting a few shots giving the layout of the school, I did take stock of the folks in the green room laughing, joking together, running lines and more. It’s cool to see all the work coming together and to have a cast that gets along. They are all great at what they do and continue to highlight the blessing this production has had in the realm of talent.

We shot scenes from episodes 8, 9 and the pilot. We had a couple other things on the docket, but those are better served for the next time we hit up the school. I was particularly interested in seeing more exchanges between Jeanne Lampley, Jacob Drum, Ada Perez and Kyler Hodson. Ada’s scenes as Connie dealing with bullies at the school and running into Benton (Drum) in the hallway, great scenes. Another heated exchange between Rachel (Lampley) and Benton and a fun scene from the pilot that saw Benton face some harassment from J.R. (Hodson), part of the reason he descends to the dark side.

Hale High School's douche crew. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

Hale High School’s douche crew. (Photo by Conner Hocking)

I continue to be amazed by the performances I am capturing. The only time it’s a bummer is when it is from folks who have smaller roles, so we won’t see them as much, but even in that small space of time they are rocking things.

Some have asked about season 2 and their characters place in it, and I do have plans for people but I am trying to keep eyes on the season 1 prize at the moment. Though it does feel good to know people are invested and ready for more.

On the FenCon X (  front, the table is officially bought and paid for, so that is done. We’re currently looking at t-shirt companies who will give us the best deal. Plan is to have Party Girl shirts for cast and crew with them saying “cast” and “crew” on the backs to ID those people. The trailer premiere is shaping up to be the most saturated with people as set to appear are Lampley, Samantha Rieff (Michelle Buchanan), DJ Economou (Ed Buchanan), Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan), Alan Chow (Greg Hix/Grasshopper), Hodson, Normita Joven (Delilah), Nicole Holt (Sen. Chambers) and Greg Vestal (Dr. Eathers). So we should have no problem getting the word out and some attention on the show.

Speaking of which there is of course the Film Break page to find information on

We are hoping more people hype the project and share the page, which has links to both teasers.

Or check the teasers at


Check them out and keep it locked here for more on Party Girl.


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