Not too early to start planning for FenCon X

Posted: 2013/07/09 in Uncategorized
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The Buchanans

Meet the Buchanans: Edward (DJ Economou), Evelyn (Jenni Mabrey), Rachel (Jeanne Lampley) and Michelle (Samantha Rieff)

Production is of course still ongoing for the Party Girl web series. We shot some scenes last night and Chez Buchanan, with my actors braving the heat (no A/C downstairs) and bugs to knock out a couple scenes and absolutely kill them as they always do.

In looking ahead to the promotional marketing push for Party Girl we are looking ahead to conventions that we can attend and get in front of people with the show. One such convention is FenCon, We reached out and are happy to say they have responded and Party Girl will have a presence at FenCon X, Oct. 4-6!! Taurian Films will have a table set up with Party Girl swag, cast member appearances and goodies from other Taurian Films series, Insourcing & Dial-a-Ranger. The Party Girl Street Team will also be on hand giving out swag.

The super fun part comes Saturday night when we get a block to show off the series. We plan on debuting a brand new trailer and select scenes from a couple different episodes. Myself (Bj Lewis) and other cast members will be on hand and part of the presentation to meet and greet with those in attendance. I am beginning to line up who will be appearing on which day so I can spread some of the cast wealth around over the three-day event. Folks can expect to see at the very least the Buchanans appearing for the screening event Saturday.

Now I have never done something like this or screened my content in this way. Granted I did have a 48hr film contest entry played at the Texas Theater a while back, but it was one of a bunch of entries. For this moment the spotlight will be on us and on Party Girl. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But I feel quite strongly about the show and the quality of it and my actors and I know others will feel the same.

Not sure what the response will be, but hey if it can get us even one more set of eyeballs than we had before, I will consider it a success.


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