I posted this on Facbook, but wanted to place it on the blog as well to make sure I grave proper shout outs to the people that deserve them.


It’s 2:14 AM and I am dropping footage from the Party Girl shoot today…and what a shoot it was. We began at 12 p.m. this afternoon in Boyd at Boyd HS and finishing in Denton near 2 a.m. It goes without saying that I am continually overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the work, the dedication and time sacrificed to work on this project, a true dream for me. The folks in Boyd have gone above and beyond what I could have ever asked for with the access to the school facilities they have given us.

Sirena and Ashley put in work today. Lots of work. It was well worth the wait for this shoot day, something I have been looking forward to for many many weeks.

Big ups to Leslie Litvik for providing the shoot with a handful of actors for extras…Joe, Lydia, Connor and Matt, they did far more than just stand around and the final product will benefit greatly from their contributions. I look forward to seeing them on further shoots at the school.

Lamarc Broussard stepped in last minute to fill a role I needed to recast, and he just KILLED it. Cannot wait for people to see it. It’s the little things, the little quirky things that the actors are bringing to the characters as they make them their own…it’s wonderful to see.

Big ups to the parents of all those involved for what you guys went through today. it was a long day but it will be worth it when you see the final product. bruise work20130622_230420

LaDonna Bingman, who only learned bruises in the last couple weeks, she did great on the Hell Sisters and Party Girl.

And of course Jeanne…she continues to show why she is a kick ass Party Girl and an important piece in the machine that is Party Girl.

Thank you all again for today, it was hard work but it was worth it.


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