Confirmed Rangers for Power Rangers Mega Force! Finally!

Posted: 2013/05/24 in Uncategorized

Tales of Bj Lewis, Mostly Intrepid Reporter

So after all the speculating, the talking and the b/s spewed forth on multiple front of the internet and social media, we know who the 10 returning Rangers will be for the second season of Mega Force.

Jason David Frank (Tommy – MMPR Green/White, PRZ Red, PRT Red, PRDT Black)

Selwyn Ward (TJ – Space Blue, Turbo Red)
Danny Slavin (Leo – Lost Galaxy Red)
Reggie Rolle (Damon – Lost Galaxy Green)
Melody Perkins (Astronema/Karone – Lost Galaxy Pink)
Sean Johnson (Carter – Lightspeed Red)
Alison MacInnis (Dana – Lightspeed Pink)
Jason Faunt (Wes – Time Force Red)
Jason Smith (Casey – Jungle Fury Red) Also writing some episodes of Super Megaforce.
Alex Heartman (Jayden – Samurai Red)
Hector David Jr (Mike – Samurai Green)
Brittany Pirtle (Emily – Samurai Yellow)

Now I will be the first to…

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