Cast Changes to Party Girl

Posted: 2013/05/19 in Uncategorized
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Party Girl is undergoing some fairly major changes.
Unfortunately Emma Weatherford (Rachel Buchanan) is leaving the project for personal reasons.
Though the party is over for her, I have begun the search for a replacement for her. It will require the re-shooting of a number of scenes we did early in the year with DJ Economou, Jenni Mabrey, Ada Perez, Tyrone Freeman  and Samantha Rieff.  That is unfortunate but I am looking at the positive side of things and the fact I can redo some things I didn’t do well enough the first time around as far as lighting, sound and things like that.
I had just said to the parents of one of the actors Saturday that the last schedule I put out was meant to be as final as can be barring any sort of catastrophic event, and this kinda went that way.
I am keeping a positive outlook and expectation for this project. Too much work has gone into it and I am not letting the epic performances given by everyone lay on the cutting room floor.
I have a short list of actresses I am looking at for Rachel but I am also putting it out there on the usual channels for a replacement. I already have a couple actresses who recently auditioned for the open role of Misty Felmore coming back to read for Rachel. I am anxious to get them in to read.
Ideally I will have one in place in the next week or so. It will require the moving of a few planned shoots around, but ideally we can manage that and pick up some of the reshoots during the first couple weeks of school being out for the summer and take advantage of the kids being free during the week.
While we are still moving forward with this, though the timetable of the first episode’s release will likely move further out, it will still be a great series when people do see it and I will be working my tail off to make sure that happens.
In other good news, we got the all clear to use the Boyd school district’s high school. We will also be making use of some of their theatre students for rolls in front of and behind the camera. I am glad to have that locked down as we were coming up on crunch time with the shooting schedule and when we would need to use the school.
Onward and upward.

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