Giovannie Cruz as Red Rose laying down the law at her safe house so her men know she means business.

Twas a Party Girl filled weekend and all through the sets, characters came to life with vigor and zest. Benton was scheming, Red Rose was shooting, Mrs. Buchanan was dreaming and Mr. Buchanan was brooding, Connie was hurting, Rachel was scheming, Chris was flirting and the director, he is just beaming. Work was done, with a lot more to come, but things are looking good, progressing as they should.

OK so that wasn’t what I wanted it to be, but oh well, lol. As stated though, we did have a Party Girl filled weekend with another bit of block shooting, featuring Giovannie Cruz’s first outing as Red Rose. We shot a number of her scenes for different episodes and as I knew she would, she killed the part. Literal on the killing in one case for a scene we did. I was dying to get her and Jacob opposite each other for their scenes and it was as good as I hoped it would be. Can’t wait to see her hit it again as White Rose for the upcoming shoot this weekend.

A big thanks to those who came out for the shoot, Michael Williams, Sammie Scott and his sister, who’s name I did not catch, but that filled an on camera role for me that was desperately needed, big thanks for that. Jared Evans, Fabian Lopez, Seth Jones, Jason Terry…Kevin MF’n Green!

Big ups to Nite Davis and the Denton Zombie Hookah Lounge for letting us shoot there and some good idea contributions Nite made to the shoot to help things look a little better. I am always open to a suggestion from someone with more experience than myself in an area.

Sunday we got out first dose of Ada Perez as Connie, DJ Economou as Edward Buchanan, Jenni Mabrey as Evelyn Buchanan, Tyrone Freeman as Chris, and of course Emma Weatherford as Rachel Buchanan. Again block shooting several scenes from the pilot. They day went longer than anticipated, due to having to wait until the sun was more agreeable to what I needed to do outside.

Emma Weatherford as Rachel Buchanan

That is the downside of not having ND filters that fit my nifty new lenses. We did not get to finish a couple scenes, so we’re actually going back and doing them this evening. One is a pretty big emotional scene between father and daughter so we didn’t want to rush through that. A couple small solo scenes after that and then all going to plan, we will get Emma dressed up in full on Party Girl attire. For a few candid shots of her in the entire version one ensemble. I am excited to see that.

Things are going well overall. There are some things to shore up on the technical side with some of the workflow on shooting day, but that is on me to fix, the talent I have assembled are all doing a bang up job and I could not be happier with everyone involved in this project. It does my heart good to see so much continued dedication put forth on this project.


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