And what a weekend it should be. We are set to have our first look at Giovannie Cruz in her role as the Rose Sisters. Saturday she will be filming a block of scenes for Red Rose, the street savvy aspiring crime kingpin of Pyramid City. She’s got high expectations and a low tolerance for failure from the people in her organization. I have been excited about this for a while now to see what Giovannie will bring to the table in her portrayal of the Rose’s. And then to match her up with Jacob Drum (Benton Alridge) who has been knocking it out of the park as Benton, it’s going to be a good day.

I am bringing in some help on the scenes in the form of Kevin Green, Sedrick Ware and Fabian Lopez. Green has been all over the DFW area and more appearing in shorts, features, commercials and more. He is in a few episodes of Insourcing as well. He is good people’s and always up to act so he is appreciated. Ware appeared as one of the thugs in Dial-A-Ranger in season one and will appear in a season 2 episode. Lopez is of course Travis in Insourcing and has been killing it in that role. The three of them and a handful of others will be playing thugs under the employ of Red Rose in her safehouse.

We will also be shooting a few scenes in the space that will become Benton’s lab. I am still looking for a few more pieces of….stuff to decorate it with. I have some ideas though of some things to add to further flesh out the set.

Sunday we hit a block of Buchanan Home episodes and I am of course anxious to see the dynamic of Emma Weatherford, Jenni Mabrey and DJ Economou as three fourths of the Buchanan family. Will also see Tyrone Freeman as Chris and Ada Perez’s first outting as Connie Lopez. Looking forward to seeing how they work with Emma.

I have also snagged the last pieces needed for the version 1 of the Party Girl costume, so I will have Emma try that on and get some pics and video of her in the suit to see how it looks on camera.

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