Joseph (Chris Goddard) tries to stop his son, Benton (Jacob Drum) from leaving following an argument.

Another week of filming for Party Girl has gone by and things are looking good. Performances by Chris Goddard (Joseph Alridge) and Jacob Drum (Benton Alridge) have been great. Far better than great. It’s going to be hard to sit on the footage from the scene until the winter time and the release of this series.  Thanks to my brother for letting me use his apartment for the scenes.

Motion Slider…love it already!

Bolstered some things on the tech side adding a couple lenses to go along with the Mark ii camera Steph (my executive producer, wife, life partner, all that fun stuff) purchased for me for this project. I scored a Rokinon 85mm 1.4 lens from a guy off craigslist, who I actually bought a lens from another day. He also wanted to part ways with his motion slider and a small studio light set. It was a steal for what I paid and all the items will be put to use of course especially that motion slider. Just have to now try not to overdo it with motion shots.

Table 2.0 went well as the majority of the main actors were there and able to read and finish the first season scripts. Sickness kept a number of folks from being there, but that’s cool, want every one looking out for their health first and foremost. There were some questions on season 2 matters and while I have those in my head and on some sheets of paper here and there I am keeping a lid on that as we focus on churning out season one. I was also able to secure a cache of prop guns from Chris and they look incredible. Also learned some things on the connections Giovannie and Sheril Rodgers (Linda Natoli) have and how that can benefit the project.

Emma sporting part of the Party Girl v1 costume.

I had picked up some items in the mail that will go towards both the version one and version two costumes that Party Girl will wear in the first season. So it was cool to get a small glance of what those things will look like on Emma and what I need to still get for her to add to the costume. I just sent my concept artist ideas for Darchart (Jared Evans) and I am waiting on him to work on that. He recently finished up some designs for the Grasshopper costume Alan Chow will wear for his appearance in episode 1.5 “Love me”

Giovannie Cruz (Red Rose/White Rose) with her gun of choice for her scenes.

We’re picking things up again this weekend, a double shot on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will be Giovannie Cruz (Red Rose/White Rose)’s first time in front of the camera for me as Red Rose. She will have a number of scenes with Jacob which I am excited for.

And then Sunday is the start of the block of episodes at the Buchanan home, featuring DJ Economou (Edward Buchanan), Emma Weatherford (Rachel Buchanan) and her mother Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan). We’ll also get our first dose of Ada Perez as Connie and Tyrone Freeman as Chris. Their parts on that day will be brief, but they have lots of work to come. Connie gets especially strong in the latter half of the first season.

Monday, the Buchanans met at Jenni/Emma’s home to run lines in preparation of their scenes. Also we were able to pick back up with Emma’s fight training. Two things I am very glad to see happening.

The amount of dedication to the project being shown by those involved to this point has been great and motivational for me. It moves me to make sure I keep up with things so this project can get done and no one’s work is in vain and it’s a bit moving to go from an idea in your head, words on paper and then to see people acting out those words.

It’s a great great feeling.

But much more work to go. Looking forward to every bit of it.

Insourcing is out as well. If you haven’t checked out the first episode of the series written by Billy Mau and starring Fabian Lopez, Daniel Bokor and Greg Vestal, I am re-posting it here. So check it! And watch for episode two this Thursday! We’ve gotten some good feedback on it and always looking for more. So watch! Share!

Oh and if you haven’t seen it, here’s the season one finale of Dial-A-Ranger!

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