Insourcing Pilot episode!

Posted: 2013/02/15 in Uncategorized
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A completed episode of Insourcing has finally hit the Interwebs!

Now if you knew the story behind the show then you understand how this is a momentous occasion.

Insourcing began as something simple for Billy to write and me to shoot, as we built our way up to more ambitious goals and projects. It was two guys (occasionally a third) sitting at a desk talking. His dialogue was funny, the stories were simple, it was taylor made to be easy and quick and something for me to work on to further learning my way around video, editing and all that. Well here we’re are on Insourcing 4.0, four attempts to get it done before striking gold with Fabian, Daniel and Greg, three guys I met through working with other people in the DFW area. Of course I have harped on that before, so no need to rehash things.

More episodes are coming, 15 in all. I like them, I have enjoyed shooting them and they have definitely helped me learn things to do and what things not to do, in which ways I need to adjust my workflow in editing and on shoots and many more things. So I am quite grateful for that as I strive to be better than ever with each new episode/project and keep trying to be better the next day.

Here’s to today…

I am coming for tomorrow…

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