After four days of being beaten down in my eternal struggle against the occasional migraines I get, I was able to rebound today and get some positive work done. Well, after regular 9 to 5 work anyway. I volunteered to work this New Year’s day to get that good time and a half which comes in handy when recovering from Christmas spending when kids are involved. But I digress. I was able to tie off the season finale of Party Girl which actually resulted in 12 episodes rather than 13. After reading over the ninth episode, “Ty The Magnificent” I felt it was pretty much a filler episode and could be tweaked appropriately to take place in the second season, which it has now been placed. Gives more time and more focus to be placed on the 12 episodes of the first season, which I can’t wait to start working on. Scriptage has been sent out to the majority of the main cast and I am working on filling smaller roles in each of the given episodes as well as tie down some locations.

Looking to get a meeting going with the cast members soon. And likely for Jan 26th rather than beginning to film that weekend I will look at getting the cast together or the majority of the main cast, since getting every single person together would be a tad chaotic given how many roles there are. But I would like the main folks to meet and greet since they will be around each other a ton.

I passed along the rough sketch of the Grasshopper for my costume designer, Samantha Rieff, who is also playing Michelle Buchanan. She is on the look out for patterns for the costume. I have ideas on the helmet for the suit and will get those going the closer we get to the suit getting done. Psyched to see Alan Chow geared up for this role.

stalker pic 2


Speaking of Alan’s character, in the 5th episode we get a glimpse of the shrine he has in his room for one of the other characters, the object of his affection, Annabelle Messier. This past weekend, Morgan Lindholm (Annabelle) and I went around to a handful of locations in Denton so I could get some stalkery sort of pics from a distance  of her to be used on Alan’s wall.

Good stuff, can’t wait to see it used on the wall.

On the Insourcing front, we are set to pick up again Sunday with a few episodes and a reshoot of the first part of the first episode as I am not liking how it came out in the video, too much noise to even try to fix it. Better to just do it over since it is a quick scene. Secured another caller, Victoria Sawyer, who is also slated to be a huge help in Party Girl as the stand in for Giovannie Cruz when she is playing the Rose Sisters. I wanted to have someone opposite Giovannie who could really get into the parts rather than it be some generic static sort of reading. Victoria will also play a pissed off caller in one of the Insourcing episodes. We have already shot the office scene for that particular episode, we just need to shoot the caller scenes at their house. Expect that in the next week. Victoria will also have an appearance on Dial-A-Ranger.

Dial-A-Ranger had no new episode this week due to Ice-Mageddon. We were planning on shooting last Wednesday, but snow and ice descended and derailed plans. Thankfully we have what we need for the 10-13. We just need episode nine content, which we will get this weekend. Stands to be a busy weekend for me, but it’s necessary and it is welcome.

Trying to start 2013 off well and make it a big year for Taurian Films.

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