Having to say no to some people who are going for certain roles.

It’s been a fortunate thing to have people interested in working on Party Girl and on top of that very talented folks who want to work on this series and contribute to how amazing it will be. I could be a little biased in thinking that, but it’s OK. The last couple weeks I have had lots of actors come through the door and been pleased with all of them. I am confident I will get to work with them in some capacity throughout this series as there will be a lot of work to do and a lot of roles needed.

I also found this wasn’t the best time to be casting coming off Thanksgiving and barreling toward Christmas. People have family obligations, shopping to do, students in college and high school both have finals they are spending all their time studying for, crazy busy times.

Shout out to Whitney Bangerter, Victoria Sawyer, Chris Goddard, Stephen Wheeler, Cassandra Chandler, Alexis Johnson, Marissa Lopez, Jason Jaster, Tyrone Freeman, Natalie Williams and D.J. Economou for taking the time out of their day to audition this past weekend.

I have already started putting out some roles that have been cast and will continue over the next several days and get deeper into making the shooting schedule and a little over a month from now be shooting Party Girl.

Of course those are my plans. The best laid schemes of mice and men and all that.

Can’t wait to get going though. I have a grand feeling about this project and the story and how epic it will be.


And as another plug, if you haven’t seen the teaser to the mid-season premiere episode of Dial-A-Ranger, check it here!

Also, I figure I’d start to spotlight things I see from fellow creators and filmmakers. I came across this trailer earlier today and thought you guys should check it out as well.


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